Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homeschooling benefit #127

I love it when I "catch" my children helping each other! When I walked in the kitchen on this particular afternoon, I found Jacob helping Caleb open a (very large) Sams size can of crushed tomatoes. This makes me so happy!


Our days frequently contain scenes like these..

I have been sorting some photos and realized that these pictures of the children helping each other mean so much to me. They speak volumes of the character development that is going on "behind the scenes" as we live, work and learn together here at home.


Here Caleb is helping Jon use chopsticks! My dear Mother likes to come by when she is available and teach the younger children. They had just finished studying a book about Japan, hence the chopsticks! Fun!



and sisters....


learning to work together and enjoy each others company.

I love catching my children doing things like this....


Don't you?

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