Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Necessary Invention

Today we had our first "real" snow of the season. The children were thrilled to awaken to the fresh blanket of white in the yard!

There was great motivation to complete school in a timely manner. once the work was done, the great scramble was on to find matching mittens (or not matching!), a hat and warm coat or coveralls plus boots too.

We are blessed to have a built-in sledding hill behind our house right in the back yard of our little six acre homestead. A shortage of fancy sleds is no problem for our boys. Jacob seems to be able to create almost anything out of leftover scraps of wood. Here are Jake and Jon showing off their new inventions...


Ta-da! Sleds! And yes, they work! Here are Gabe and Caleb with their sleds.


You know, I'm glad that I don't have unlimited funds to purchase everything the world says my children need. Look at the proud satisfaction they would miss out on.

Life. Lived joyfully right where we are with what we have. This is good.


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