Monday, January 5, 2009

A Daybook Entry


Each Monday I plan to join with Peggy from the The Simple Woman and many others who are celebrating the joy of simplicity. Here's a peek into my life right now...

FOR TODAY (January 5, 2009)...

Outside my window...
the sun is up other places around here, I am sure, but in the valley we live in, it has yet to crest the hill behind our home,. It does appear that we will have a brisk, sunny day here. Glad for the heat from our woodburning stove on a cold morning. Brrrrr

I am thinking... of the need to impart a desire to reach out and minister to other people to our children. It can be so easy to be happy here within the confines of our home and forget about the great needs that surround us.

I am thankful for...

Timothy being healthy again! He developed pneumonia last Monday! Praise God for modern antibiotics~ he is doing great now.

From the learning rooms… back to school this week. Nate leaves tomorrow to go back to basic training with the Army, and I will be completing lesson plans today and tomorrow so we can begin on school once again on Wednesday. It will be good for all of us to be back in a routine again. The break has been great, but too much free time for the children can create a "bicker-fest," if you know what I mean! LOL!

From the kitchen... I am thinking something warm.... some sort of soup and perhaps I will make some bread bowls too; I haven't done that in a long time. I also plan to make a big stack of whole wheat tortillas today or tomorrow for use later this week. Hmmmm, perhaps we will have Mexican instead tonight. I definitely need to complete my menu plans for the next few weeks too.

I am wearing... a brown floral corduroy skirt, burgundy top, jean jacket, clogs, etc.

I am creating... lesson plans, and perhaps a little bit of sewing that I have not had opportunity to work on over Christmas break.

I am going... to City Union Mission with Tom and some of the older children this morning. CUM is a local ministry that reaches out to homeless men in our city here. Tom preaches there two times a month there and we sometimes go along to sing, etc.

I am reading... and memorizing 1 Timothy with the children. This is a challenge for my little brain, but it is so worth it. Plus the time discussing God' Word with the children is so rich.

I am hoping... to use my time wisely during today and tomorrow before we begin school again. There are so many things I could be doing... my desire is to spend my time as the Lord would desire me to.

I am hearing... Fernando Ortega music playing in the kitchen, Hannah and Daniel having a discussion about forks~ seriously! We have an unusual assortment of forks that have been given to us at different times~ some with four tines (the preferred ones) and some with three tines ( the ones that no one wants to use)~ but we are grateful for all of them, as long as they get the food to our mouth! LOL!

Around the house... Still planning to do a little post Christmas organizing and rearranging in the next few days. The Christmas things are all put away now, but it is nice to spruce up and rearrange the "normal" decorations in new ways. Praying for some creativity here.

One of my favorite things... busy days to serve my family and my precious Savior. Hot chocolate is good too!

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, school and school! Plus some laughter and fun sprinkled about for good measure! Check back later this week for some thoughts I plan to share on "joy."

Here is picture thought I am sharing... here's Mr. Timothy, our little guy who had pneumonia earlier this week~ I am so grateful for all of the dear ones that we have been blessed with here.


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