Monday, January 12, 2009

A Daybook Entry


Each Monday I plan to join with Peggy from the The Simple Woman and many others who are celebrating the joy of simplicity. Here's a peek into my life right now...

FOR TODAY (January 12, 2009)...

Outside my window...
dark, dark, dark, and windy too! I intended to begin this post this morning, but we had a busy (and profitable) day, so here I am at 8 pm!

I am thinking... of gardening. It is time for us to begin planning the spring/summer garden. I will be inventorying my seeds in the next few days and deciding what to order for this year. Fun!

I am thankful for...

our little 6 acre farm! We are able to do so many things here~ gardening, plus we have dairy goats and chickens too. I feel super blessed to live here. It is our little "splotch" of country right in the city!

From the learning rooms… hard at work on all of the regular school subjects. I thought it would be more difficult to get going again after Christmas break, but the children are doing a good job learning diligence, among other things!

From the kitchen... tonight was an easy dinner... baked potatoes with choice of toppings, either broccoli (which my children love!), or taco meat, or both! I definitely am not a gourmet cook, but I do strive for healthy, yummy and inexpensive!

I am wearing... floral overalls, white long-sleeved cotton shirt and white keds. Feminine and comfy too!

I am creating... garden plans, new laundry room plans, plans for a new quilt for Tom and I's bed, plus still working on finishing some sewing begun several weeks ago for the girls and I.

I am going... to stay home this week! My favorite plan of all. I really do delight in all there is to do here. When I am gone I feel that I miss out on so much... it is easy for the house to become disorderly and I do not have time for the "fun" part of homemaking... the creative aspect of it. I do miss *creating* and find that when I am too busy for that my life really lacks some sparkle.

I am reading... and meditating on 1 Timothy. We are still working diligently on memorizing the book. We are currently up to 1 Tim 4: 5-9. This has been a super challenge for me, but I can't even begin to tell you the delight I have found in this discipline of my mind. I say this *not* to "brag" in any sense, but to encourage.... if I can do this, *anyone* can! The best part is that the Lord uses His Word to change me, to challenge me and to prompt me to pray~ all based on the truth of His Word.

I am hoping... that we will still get some decent snows this winter! I know, many would think I am addled for that wish, but the children have so much fun in the snow, plus it is good for the plants which are overwintering. We simply haven't had very much snow yet!

I am hearing... lots of giggling as Tom plays a card game with some of the boys in the living room. They love playing games with their Daddy!

Around the house... Everything is getting "buttoned up" for the night... we are piling wood by the wood stove for the rest of the evening, feeding the dogs and I will do one final cleaning of the kitchen soon before I go to bed. I will probably throw in one more load of wash too ( it is not a good thing for me to get behind on that!)

One of my favorite things... Seeing the house all straightened up before bed. It doesn't stay that way for long with ten children still here at home, but I do find delight in "everything in it's place" when it is in it's place!

A few plans for the rest of the week: as I mentioned above... garden planning, sewing, completing our new laundry room so we can move the washers and driers out there, plus a full week of school thrown in for good measure too!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


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