Monday, February 9, 2009

A Daybook Entry

For Today...

Outside my window... gray sky.... sprinkles. We need the rain... it has been very dry here!

I am thinking... of all that needs to be done in the next days to prepare for a little trip that Tom and I are making to GA to see Nate graduate from basic training in the Army! We have never flown anywhere together in our married life... 23 years! I don't really mind that we haven't... we have had great fun simply taking little "dates" as we have opportunity, even if it is just running an errand together.

From the learning rooms.. no school this week!

I am thankful for... my parents' willingness to be with the children so Tom and I can make our little trip. Thanks so much, Mom and Dad!

From the kitchen... cooking in preparation for Tom and I's trip. Meatballs and some other meals to help make it easier for all when we are on our trip.

I am wearing... favorite floral overalls, white tennis shoes~ I'm so predictable!

I am reading... God's Word~ we are memorizing 1 Timothy chapter 2 right now, so I am spending lots of time there, plus "browsing" some other books on cottage gardens, decorating (loving cottage-style!), a neat book on creativity Taking Flight and a new manual that I am working through for my Canon Rebel camera.

I am hoping... to accomplish lots of things today and tomorrow!

I am creating... our tax return (!!), does that count? : )

I am hearing... the children making plans for their day.

Around the house... lots of laundry, some extra cleaning too~ those ceiling fans need a good dusting!

One of my favorite things... the smell of rain.

A few plans for the rest of the week... our trip... and Tom will be preaching at a church in Independence next Sunday. That will be nice~ he always does such a good job.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
look really close and you can see raindrops in the puddle on the stone path to my herb garden... I will have to experiment some more to capture the raindrops, but you get the idea!


Each week, as I have opportunity, I plan to take part in the Simple Woman's Daybook. Look here to take part or to read others posts as well.

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