Sunday, February 8, 2009

The last few weeks here have been full in many ways. In addition to the hard drive on my computer being totally and inexplicably erased, there have also been other much deeper concerns on my heart of late.


I am grateful for an external hard drive ~ I only lost about a week-and-a-half's worth of photos and links to some blogs that I followed. Please comment here or email me links to your blogs, friends!.

I am even more grateful for the Lord, my unchanging Savior. He never changes. It is so good to be able to run to the Lord in times of trial, isn't it?

We have been having fabulous family devotion times together~ currently reading aloud through the New Testament each month and memorizing 1 Timothy. We are finished with chapter one and almost done with chapter 2! Honestly, the children do a much better job at the memorization than I do, but I continue to work on it.

We are continuing to live life fully and rejoice in all we have been given~ I am so blessed!


Have a joyful week friends~ full of His peace which passes all understanding~ not affected by circumstances.

Oh! Please note an new link on my sidebar... my daughter Hannah has begun her own blog. Check out Teacups in Winter and leave her an encouraging comment too!


photos: ~ our winter yard
~ Daniel laughing at my antics... gotta' keep that camera handy!

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