Monday, March 30, 2009


Two weeks ago I had a little "mommy adventure" and traveled to Arizona to visit my parents! Yep, alone! I say that only because inevitably that is the next question asked when friends find out about my little trip. Not that I desired or "needed" some "me time" (I am totally content and fulfilled here at home), but only to point out how very blessed I am to have a family, especially love-of-my-life Tom and our oldest-daughter-at-home Hannah, who will so willingly fill in for me and allow me to spend some time with my parents.

When I arrived in AZ on 3/20 temps were in the 90s! Such a contrast to Kansas City. We crammed all the fun that we could into four days, hiking two of the days there. Here are some warm pictures for you...

The landscape there amazes me.... the saguaro cactus~ those western skies. My heart *hearts* the Western US.

Below, a picture of some flowers and landscaping at the entrance to the community where my parents live. Lovely, yes?

Then I flew back to Kansas City and the next weekend we had a 6" snowfall! Here's a wintry view looking across my herb garden.... new fence compliments of our son Jacob! I totally love the rustic (and free) look of this fence. He built it entirely from wood found in the woods on our property.

Some poor little daffodils that I rescued before the snowstorm. They didn't last long, but gave me great delight each time I looked at them.

Then, as is so typical here during spring in the midwest, the next day it warmed up to the mid-50s and I caught Tom and Tim lounging on the deck enjoying the sun. This was just before a furious snowball fight. The warm temps made the snow perfect for packing~ even little Tim got in on the action!

Since that time, I have been on a painting spree. I have repainted our living/dining room, (here's the "before")

and "after" pic.... I haven't yet hung photos, quilts, window treatments etc... but I am totally loving the brave and bold terra cotta wall and yellow together~ so colorful and happy!

the front room which houses my "office/craft area"

and after.... with new sage green walls!

and the downstairs hall as well! (It's yellow!) You can just barely see the yellow through the doorway in the picture above. Everything is looking so cheery! Next on our list, redoing the downstairs bathroom.

As I have opportunity, I have some additional things on my heart that I desire to share here this coming week. Stay tuned.....



  1. I love the long dining table and chairs! Where did you find them??? I looked Everywhere 3 years ago and it was so hard to find a table and chairs to seat 12 plus people. I finally ordered a table I found on Ebay. It is a beautiful mahagony table and we found beautiful chairs to go with it on Ebay too. But it ended up a little more formal than I really wanted. It was hard to find something between formal and rustic that seated that size!

  2. Hi There, busymomof10! We found our table at a local Simply Amish store. Perhaps you have one near you. My mother received an inheritance and with part of the $ wanted to purchase this table and chairs for us. What a blessing! In that photo, it is not even extended all the way out! The Simply Amish furniture is fabulous... very well made and carries a lifetime warranty as well!

  3. Thanks for the info. I will have to save that somewhere in case I am ever in the market for another table! I also purchased mine with an inheritance from my grandfather's death. I am a long ways from amish country here in SW GA! :)


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