Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesdays Unwrapped

Two of our children have moved on, as adults now. Our oldest daughter Micah is married (and living in New Orleans, LA~which is way too far away for my liking!), and our oldest son Nate is in the army, stationed in Ft. Drum, NY. Oh how I miss them!

Yesterday Nate called home as we were preparing dinner (gorilla pizzas! Click here for our recipe and here for the Gluten Free pizza recipe that we love) and I was able to snap this memory of our youngest, Timmy, as he talked and talked and talked (it is especially cute because only about 2% of what he says can be understood~ he mostly uses sign language to communicate) with his biggest brother Nate.

I love seeing our children interact~ especially when the interaction does not involve some form of bickering! We, like most families, have "our moments," but the Lord has been so gracious to us as our older children love their siblings and continue to invest in relationships with them~ calling frequently to talk with both Tom and I and the other children. This I love. My heart is full.

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Rejoicing in the everyday blessings,

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  1. I hear your heart on this one! What overflowing Joy to see our older ones investing in the lives of the younger ones out of love!


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