Thursday, June 18, 2009

The power of 15 minutes

A mother's secret weapon... taking control of the small bits of time available each day. I firmly believe that one way to effectively accomplish the many things that the Lord calls us to do as mothers is to harness the "power of 15 minutes."

It is so easy for me to postpone a task, thinking that I don't have the available time to properly accomplish the whole project. In reality, if I will work on larger projects for 15 minute increments throughout the day, I am always pleased at the end of the day at all that was accomplished.

Just think, in 15 minutes you or I can:
  • start a new load of laundry and also sort a dry load
  • wipe down the fronts of the kitchen cabinets
  • spend additional time in God's Word
  • counsel and encourage a child~ one-on-one love
  • write a short note
  • complete some sewing
  • work on my scripture memory~ I need all the review help I can get!
  • mend some clothing
  • dust several rooms
  • make a handmade card to encourage someone
  • clean my bathroom
  • sweep both the front and back porches, with time to spare
  • gather the "ingredients" for a scrapbook page
  • put together a simple scrapbook page
  • water plants on the porches
  • write a blog post!
  • and on and on the list goes....
What about you? Do you have any projects that you have been putting off for another day?

My 15 minutes are up! I'm off to work on planning for our next school year.

Hope you're having a great week! It's hot, hot, hot here in Missouri! 92 today, I believe!

Serving alongside you,


  1. Absolutely. A great reminder. With young ones, it's the only way to get things done.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging reminder to redeem our time and to gather up the fragments!!! i was blessed and motivated by this post. I am going to go attack one of my projects right now! ;)


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