Monday, July 20, 2009

Endless gifts... #s10-20

In my ongoing effort to remember to remember and give thanks... (prompted by Ann @ Holy Experience)

my current issue of "Endless Gifts"..... given from God

and gratefully received by me.

10. summer flowers

11. older children gently caring for younger siblings
12. bluebirds observed on my early morning bike ride.
13. my camera and the opportunity to focus, capture and delight in everyday moments here.
14. a successful knee replacement surgery for my father today.
15. daily phone calls from my two oldest children~ now "flown the nest." It brings me great joy to hear them relate what the Lord is teaching them as they "own" their own walk with the Lord now.
16. washers and driers
17. the privilege of my very own copy of God's Word and no fear of reprisal for delighting in reading it
18. many little arms who share an abundance of hugs with me each day
19. slower days of summer to simply "be" with my children
20. my sewing machine~ a simple workhorse. It has given my girls and I many hours of creative satisfaction.

Deliberately rejoicing in God's good gifts, graciously given (I couldn't resist!),


  1. I love your list of gifts. I especially appreciate "Washers and Dryers" and "Older Siblings Caring For Younger Siblings". Even though my oldest is only eight. You can already see that tenderness on her part and on the six year old's part toward their toddler sister.


  2. Hi,
    I found your blog through Ann@Holyexperience. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading through your blog, you seem to have a beautiful spirit and a lovely family. Could I ask what program you use to embellish your photographs for the blog?

  3. Carin, I use Photoshop Elements to enhance some of my pictures. Usually I just use them "as is" or I simply wouldn't ever get them posted! : ) The embellishments that are like frames are available lots of places, I like and also I usually wait until I can find a freebie or when things are on sale for super-cheap (like 25 cents each!) There are lots of free tutorials available to learn how to use the digital elements. I took a super-fun free class at on photo editing where I learned some of those easy techniques. Hope that helps!



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