Monday, September 21, 2009

Endless Gifts... almost Autumn installment

Today I join Ann at Holy Experience in celebrating the purposeful giving of thanks... I'm working my way to 1,000 and then some.

holy experience

21. Cool autumn mornings
22. Giggly children
23. Warm bread- fresh from the oven
24. antique pitchers~ brimming with freshly picked flowers
25. Afternoon thunderstorms (especially grateful for this after a dry spell here)
26. Pumpkin garden bounty

27. Pond water
28. Curious children and
29. a Microscope (what wonder! An unseen world all around us!)
30. Heart-warming spontaneous hugs from a five-year-old
31. Long auburn hair in the midst of many boys
32. Little boys loosing their first teeth

33. Baby bunnies... (found by an older brother while mowing)

34. Toddler-gathered wildflowers

35. a full (and oftentimes messy) life. It’s never what we think it should be, is it? But in so many ways it is so much more! Thank you Lord
36. Grace in abundance….

Rejoicing in the many, many gifts given...


  1. Susan,

    More beauty! Once again, you encourage me to stop and really notice the Endless Gifts from our Father...

  2. The love you feel for the Lord just flows through your list. What precious blessings.


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