Monday, September 28, 2009

Endless Gifts #s37-52

holy experience

I can't even begin to tell you the delight I am experiencing as I am learning to search for (and find!) the many, many blessings that I am surrounded by. The sheer magnitude of His gifts for me~ incredible!

37. my Precious Savior... unchanging even when I am tired or overwhelmed.
38. practical, durable hardwood floors
39. bicycle + 65 degree sunny day + nearby lake + autumn = pure delight
40. oldest married daughter Micah and husband Joshua's visit the past weekend and

41 birthday celebrations for both!
42. chocolate chip counting

43. a quiet moment in late afternoon dappled sunlight.
44. swaying zinnias and dry end-of-summer sunflower heads
45. birds gathering, noisily discussing southern travel plans
46. raindrops on garden flowers (and unexpected bokeh in the background!)

47. God's faithfulness in my children's lives
48. A swaying, swinging wooden hummingbird gift. Autumn breezes keeping it quite busy this afternoon.
49. Distant laughter of children playing with tarp
50. Silly boys with gargantuan insects!

Doesn't it look like this praying mantis is telling Gabe a secret here? So funny!

51. A delightful "girls morning out" with my mother and all three daughters!

52. A husband whom I love now more than ever. He is that deep stream, where I can be so wide and shallow. As the children grow older I appreciate his insight more and more...

Finding myself totally enchanted by the multitude of previously undiscovered blessings which have overtaken me.... (and reveling in them!)


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  1. Susan,
    I love this glimpse into what God is doing in your life and your family, and your heart of gratitude. What a sweet reminder of our blessings (without number)!


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