Thursday, October 8, 2009

Discipling our Children - pt.1

In preparation for a talk that I have been asked to give, I have been thinking and praying about the topic "Discipling our Children." Not only am I somewhat reluctant to speak in public, but I find that the older I get, the less I know! So I am forced to rely on the Lord. And that is very, very good for me.

It is my heart's desire that all of my children are passionate about their relationship with the Lord~ so much so that I delight (most of the time!) in pouring my life into my children, with that outcome in mind. Certainly that is very good and profitable. I propose though, that if seeking and serving the Lord is not foremost in my life, all of the rest is for naught.

Consider the following quote from an Elizabeth Elliot devotional:

"Sometimes I am asked to speak to young people who are toying with the idea of being missionaries. They want to know how I discovered the will of God. The first thing was to settle once and for all the supremacy of Christ in my life, I tell them. I put myself utterly and forever at His disposal, which means turning over all the rights: to myself, my body, my self-image, my notions of how I am to serve my Master. Oswald Chambers calls it "breaking the husk of my individual independence of God." Until that break comes, all the rest is "pious fraud." I tell these earnest kids that the will of God is always different from what they expect, always bigger, and, ultimately, infinitely more glorious than their wildest imaginings.

But there will be deaths to die. Paul found that out--daily, he said. That
is the price of following the way of the cross--of course. If our object is to save others we must be clear that we cannot save ourselves. Jesus couldn't either.

This scares people. Yet what is there to fear when Christ holds first
place in our lives? Where, other than in the will of the Father, shall we expect to find significance, security, and serenity?"

Elizabeth says that "all the rest is pious fraud." My homeschooling, embracing a large family, serving my husband, yes, all falls in the category of "pious fraud" if I am not first placing myself at His disposal and allowing Him to reign supreme in my life.

Are there "deaths to die?" Most certainly.

I would have to agree with Elizabeth Elliot though that His plans for us are always infinitely more glorious than we could have ever imagined.

As we seek and serve Him first, then we are equipped to disciple our children aright. My desire is that my passion be serving the Lord first. Once that is decided, then discipling my children and all of the other things He calls me to do can be a worshipful response to Him.

My significance certainly cannot rest in my children, how obedient they are, how faithfully they walk with the Lord, etc. My delight, my satisfaction, can only come from seeking the Lord first and delighting in obeying Him.

Then I can "invite the glorious into the mundane"*....

there my heart is satisfied.

"I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait.
And in His word do I hope."
Ps. 130:5

Waiting and hoping in Him,

* thanks Michelle @ She Looketh Well for the referenced quote above in a video posted a few days ago.


  1. Wonderful! What a lovely blog. I can see you have a gift for photography. Stopping by for the blog party and like what I see.

    Nice to meet you,

  2. Very nice post! I'm stopping by for the blog party as well.

    I have half as many children as you do! Great job!

  3. Hi there Jackie and Stacie! So nice to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping by!

    Stacie, I'm a policeman's wife!

  4. I LOVE that you qoted Elisabeth Elliot! I got her newsletter for years and enjoy her writings and "talks" very much! What a wise older woman to take counsel from!

    This is an amazing post and very encouraging...thanks for sharing your heart!


    P.S. Just a thought...if you have time, would you mind leaving an encouraging comment for Michelle...our blog party host...please don't tell her I sent you! :) THANKS! (Only if you have time!!)

  5. Visiting for the blog party! It's great to meet you!

    I "only" have six kids, but at the rate I'm going I could have twelve in about 7 more years! LOL! I look forward to learning from an experienced momma like you! :-)

  6. Hi Susan, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for taking the time to link up for the blog party, I can tell that many women are thrilled to have found your blog! You are blessing. Have a lovely weekend.

    In Him

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hello. Looking around your blog....I'm sure your going to do wonderful in your talk. Yes you are correct....we have many things as Joyfullmom's to be proud of. Looking forward to checking out your blog some more. Have a wonderful blessed day.

  8. Also wanted to say that I notice your from am I. Nice to meet another from the same state. Blessings.

  9. What a great post. Thank you for your wisdom and insight here. God has used what He laid on your heart to speak to me.

    I am a little late for the "PARTY" but I will be back to your blog. I find it very refreshing.

  10. I love your blog! So glad that I discovered it through the blog party. You do have a gift for photography and for sharing wonderful insights from your heart and life. I love the way your blog gives me a desire to draw closer to the Lord~

    many blessings,


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