Monday, October 26, 2009

Seeking and Finding....

mazing to me that we are so engulfed in autumn. It is so easy for me to be caught up in the rush of life, carried against my will down dust-filled streets in the madly rushing crowd. My soul becomes parched, so thirsty for Him and the Living Water.

I am digging my heels in, stepping away from the fray, seeking evidences of His love in my daily life. Fighting to slow down, to notice, to give thanks.

This slower pace, the taking of photos, the spontaneous laughter, the choosing to really look into my children's eyes when they speak to me. This, I am convinced, is big, huge from God's perspective.

It is all a part of me giving Him glory as I re-realize that it is all from Him
it all gives glory to Him.
When I choose to notice and praise, I render to Him, glory due.

Here's to purposeful seeking and finding
seeking His blessings given
finding reminders of His care for me at every turn....

65. boys and trees to climb.

66. Autumn blaze, even when the sun won't.

67. texture and color~ and boys to notice with

68. Daughters who create beauty from work-worn jeans

69. an adult son who call home and warms my heart by sharing his ...

70. Autumn splendor which, try as I might, refuses to be captured on "film." I'm telling you, this tree is on fire....

71. Woodstove warmth on cold mornings, warming my body as God's Word warms my soul

72. His detailed handiwork~ waiting patiently for me to discover. Missed when I rush through my day, checking things off of my list;
found when I pause long enough to walk outside and delight in Him.

73. the pure delight of little ones "getting" reading

74. leaf-blanketed paths,

75. trees lifting arms in praise to Him as He crowns our day with unexpected color, flung across sky...

Endless gifts....
I am
richly delighting in them,

Won't you step out of the rushing crowd with me
for the most rewarding hide and seek ever!


Want to join others who are seeking and finding?
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  1. I love visiting...haven't I said that before?? ;-) I am thinking of joining in with a thankfulness journal too...I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing yours with really is lovely and inspiring...the pictures are great!


  2. I have to tell you I am gearing up for a thankfulness journal also! There really is so much to be thankful for...thanks for the continued inspiration!

    Seeking Him,

  3. This was such a nice post to slow and make time for,
    thank you.


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