Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some writing resources for you


recently came across two resources that I wanted to share here.

The first is a super-motivating program for writers called "Write or Die."

I frequently find my writing slowed or even brought to a complete standstill by my overactive inner editor. "Write or Die" is a web-based (free version), or downloadable ($10 version) program that prompts you to enter a word count goal and time. (100 words in 10 min, for example.) You then choose how harsh your penalty will be for not completing your goal. Depending on what you choose, when your writing slows or stops, the screen gradually changes color to red and assorted sound effects prompt you to keep going.

This has been tremendously helpful for me! Granted, there are times when I need to work more slowly and contemplate what to write, but most often I simply need to "get going" and get something down. Then I can go back and edit.

The paid version even has the nifty feature of allowing you to upload your writing directly to several prominent blog hosts.

I find this helps my productivity not only in writing articles for my blog, but also as I write journaling for scrapbook pages, etc. I plan to place the paid version on the computer that my children use for homework. How fun for them to set up their own challenges in completing homework writing assignments!

Here's a promo explaining how the paid version works, with screenshots.

Secondly, check out this creative resource for memory-keepers.

I am a huge fan of notebooks. Inexpensive notebooks are super-helpful recepticles for all sorts of information. I have notebooks for:
  • recipes I want to try
  • our dairy goat herd
  • my bills notebook
  • sewing patterns (just the packages, slipped in plastic page protectors)~ the tissue paper patterns themselves are in large manilla envelopes filed by pattern number in file drawers.
  • decorating ideas
  • PSE tutorials
  • Sewing ideas
  • Soapmaking "recipes" and info
  • Garden notebook
  • Home education notebook
Log Your Memory is an incredible resource for systematically keeping track of the stories that so quickly get shuffled to the bottom of the heap in my memories. For me, scrapbooking is mostly about documenting God's faithfulness in our life. Certainly the techniques and embellishments are fun to work with, but my time is very limited.

The pages that I most enjoy looking back at don't simply narrate a birthday party, for example ("Tim turned three. He received _____, and _____ as gifts. A fun time was had by all."), instead they document life. The pages I love most are meaningful stories that give me a glimpse into what the Lord was teaching me at a certain time in my life, or provide a window through which I can view my children's character development. The most meaningful journaling documents God's faithfulness to our family so we won't forget.

I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart; I have spoken of Your faithfulness and Your salvation; I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth from the great congregation.
Ps. 40:10

Enter Log Your Memory. Available in three different formats, perfect bound, spiral bound and as a downloadable PDF file which you can print and place in a notebook (my favorite, 'cause I can add pockets folders as well), this resource provides not only daily places to record life, but also is full of prompts, suggested photos to take each month, journaling challenges and so many other goodies. It is simple, but very well organized. I think even the notebook itself will be fun to look back at once it is faithfully filled out.

Nope, I don't recieve anything from Log Your Memories, just thought someone might be interested, with Christmas fast approaching and all!

happy writing, friends!


  1. Thanks for the great comments & for spreading the word. Glad someone loves notebooks as much as I do!!! LOL

  2. Such a great post...we all should keep some memories written down. I like what you said about the faithfulness of the Lord and how we should record these things so we don't forget. Amazing how quickly we do forget!! So sad!



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