Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A December debriefing....

an you believe it? More snow here! On Christmas Eve we had an actual (almost) blizzard! We received more than 12"of snow overnight along with winds of more than 50 mph! The results were beautiful!

Our Great Pyreneese Lance thinks this is wonderful! We let him in when he wants to warm up a little, but this is a winter wonderland for him. I keep catching him sleeping out in the snow, all stretched out to enjoy the delightful cold. His favorite winter sport is tackling sledders though! Consider yourself warned if you come over to sled!

We have a pretty good hill behind our house so there has been a lot of sledding going on here. Since Nate is home right now he helped the boys build some pretty fun snow ramps. I have been out sledding with them too. We laughed so hard! I love playing in the snow with the children (both young and older!).

Look! My echinacea were wearing winter hats this morning from an additional 3" of snow we received last night!

I think I introduced you to Dude didn't I? This puppy has some serious cuteness issues~ I think I'm smitten! (Yes, I know, I really shouldn't let a puppy that could easily weigh over 200lbs as an adult get on our furniture!) Seriously we are training him. A good friend directed me to this site~ if you need some dog training info. What a wealth of info you'll find there!

Nate has to leave Friday morning to head back to Ft. Drum, NY. I will really miss him. One morning (before it snowed here) I happened to look out the window to see him leading his little brothers and friend Paul in PT. Love this interaction between older siblings and younger. This is fruit that I cherish.

Nate and Tom horsing around...

And Miss Hannah in her Christmas Dress on our snowy back deck. She reminds me of a cardinal in the snow.

I plan to be back tomorrow with some year end thoughts....



  1. How beautiful!


    We had such a wonderful time also. So sorry that your son has to leave. That must be the hardest thing for you as a momma.

    Hear is my prayer for you today.
    Heavenly Father, thank you that you love it when your children come to you with need. I ask that you would wrap your loving arms around Susan as she again gives her son to your care. I can't imagine the emotions she must be going through, but I do know that you can care for her like no other. I praise you Lord for making another family into your image. We trust you Lord to cover Nate with all the protection he needs from the evil one and we give you alllll the HONOR that is due to YOU! We love you Lord, In Jesus name, Amen

  2. What a lovely post Susan! I love all your pictures! Your boys following your big boy in exercise is priceless and the photo of your girl in her Christmas dress is beautiful! Your dogs are adorable...but I would have to agree with you...a 200 lb dog on the furniture is too matter how cute the dog!

    Linda prayed a wonderful prayer for you...such a blessing to have the Lord through all these days HE has called us to!


  3. Enjoyed this post so much! The pictures are beautiful! I loved Looking at the snow, since we don't get any where I live!

    My favorite picture was of your son leading PT! Like you, I love it when the older ones invest in the lives of the younger ones!

    I also loved the pic of Nate and your husband. Precious! Looks like you had many special moments together! So glad your son could be home for Christmas, even though leaving is hard.

    Happy New year to you and your family!



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