Monday, January 11, 2010

Endless Gifts... January 11 edition


his outpouring of thanks....
how could I have ever guessed the way it would color my world?

As I purpose to notice these many gifts given,
I find myself overwhelmed by God's grace and mercy in my life...

surprised and delighted to be reminded of His care for me
even me.

115. more snow tomorrow!

116. 10:40pm~ quiet house
117. stories to tell of God's faithfulness

118. the red in the photos on my journal pages of thankfulness

119. large pile of hats and gloves, boots and coveralls by the woodburning stove.
120. daughter Hannah... her passion to encourage young women.

121. New flannel fabric to ensure warm nights arrived just in time for weekend sewing projects. (Love fabric shopping here.)

122. New Amy Butler tunic pattern~ really looking forward to sewing it~ *love* her new fabric line. (completed this on Sunday afternoon~ really nicely finished design. Her instructions were *very* detailed and easy to follow. It did turn out smaller than it should have, so Hannah gets this first one. Planning to work on another for myself and for Abbie this week.)
123. Wood stove warmth on a very cold night (-4 F.)

124. food for birds and
125. birds for food. Delightful to watch.

126. early morning boy shenanigans upstairs.
127. if He knows when a sparrow falls, surely He cares for me.

128. slanting sun on snow.

129. glorious sunset.
130. dinner with new friends.

131. a slight thaw today~ up to 33 F.
132. hot chocolate
133. kind encouragement
134. details falling into place.
135. abundance of wood for heat.

The Lord is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped;
Therefore my heart exults,
And with my song I shall thank Him.
Ps. 29:7

praising Him in the Midwest cold and snow,

holy experience


  1. Beautiful pictures...a dozen children...Congratulations! Raising my mug of hot chocolate to you and yours!

  2. Dear Susan ~ Such a lovely post...once again! :)

    Ohhh...your journal is SO PRETTY! Did you make those little red scrolls across the pages? You are talented...what a treasure for your children to keep as a reminder of you ~ not that you are going anywhere too soon!

    And that beautiful close-up of those birds...such a lovely picture.

    It looks COLD there! :)

    Have a wonderful day in the Lord!
    Your friend,

  3. Just stopped over from ann's blog and wanted to say what a beautiful journal you have! i also made one of these awhile ago with the exact same "book" but haven't used it yet and so thank you for reminding me that i have it and that it can be used to record the endless gifts... i'm gonna start.

  4. Tried to email..not sure if it went through! God bless you beautiful family!
    There's an award for you in the January 12, 2010 post of
    (sorry I don't have the post link handy)

  5. Dear Susan ~ Just did a search to find your "endless gifts" posts...and find that you have stopped? I in no way want to "pressure" you in doing something that you have "moved on" from or are continuing to do privately. AND...that is TOTALLY okay!! BUT...I have missed you in the community. :) Just to let you know you are missed...I always enjoyed these posts. No explanation is necessary. :)

    Love to you this day!


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