Monday, January 4, 2010

Endless Gifts....



This is a word that transforms.

The ordinary becomes sacred. A gift to be reveled in.

I find myself reminded of His great love for me, in spite of my imperfections.

Oh! How He loves!

Today, my birthday gift to myself, a whole page filled out in my "endless gifts" journal... a small sampling of me "delighting in the everyday."

91. early morning quiet alone.
92. warmth of bed.
93. pile of covers on 4 degree mornings.
94. adult children who love the Lord.
95. curious little boys.
96. husband who encourages/models thoughtful giving.
97. frost etchings on glass.

98. this combination: deep snow + boys + big furry dog + puppy
99. full bird feeders.
100. handmade gifts.
101. friends who thought of me and took the time to wish me "happy birthday." (thanks everyone!)
102. *very* sweet card from my parents.
103. Black Forest Cheesecake (Hannah stayed up late last night to bake for me!)
104. sunshine for my birthday!
105. Col. 2: 6-7
106. Tom's vision and passion for church planting and reaching people for Christ.
107. stack of beautiful magazines Tom found for free at our library for me!
108. Children who share their heart with me.
109. fellowship and encouragement of friends, both old and new
110. Amanda's birthday email.
111. the ability to create, and to find such joy in creating.
112. 3-year-old little boy hugs.
113. a loud and happy group singing "Happy Birthday" to me.
114. promise of spring as gardening catalogs arrive in the mail.

Of all of the new habits begun in 2009, this, this journal listing blessings,

gifts without number,

is by far my favorite and has been the most profitable.

It is merely an artist's journal, embellished with pictures from cast-off magazines,

but it has become so much more.

Second only to spending time in God's Word, this changes my entire outlook on life and reminds me to rejoice and purposefully notice the many blessings given.

"Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith just as you were instructed and overflowing with gratitude." Col. 2:6,7

overflowing with gratitude here,

~ for additional delight, perhaps you would like to visit Ann's blog and read more thankful praise to Him for gifts given....

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  1. Beautiful...what a beautiful way to be reminded of God's goodness! I may have to "copy" this idea.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your journal~
    it gives me inspiration*

  3. So far I am only journalling online...but I LOVE the look of your handwritten journal ~ what a treasure to pass on to your children in days to come! Your frosty windows are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us today...have a lovely day in the Lord! AND Happy Birthday (yesterday)...

    With Love,


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