Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's still up there...


he sun, that is! After almost two weeks here of cloudy weather we were blessed with sunshine today! Yay!

This cheered me so. As much as I try to fight it, the day after day of cloudy weather does begin to wear on me. But today we had sun! (not all day, mind you, but long enough for me to run around with my camera catching the beautiful shadows and light here.)

In addition, I spent some time in my laundry room soaking my plastic seedling flats and other seed-starting "stuff" in bleach water.

This helps avoid dampening off disease in the little seedlings. It can be heartbreaking to see healthy little plants wither and die after so much diligence in starting them. So be sure to carefully clean your seed-starting equipment, ok?

Looking forward to all sorts of diligent school work and other delightful homekeeping projects. (some sewing, quilting and garden planning too!)

Before I forget, I came across the coolest blog this week! Have you seen Ana's blog Knock off Wood? She posts plans here to authentically recreate furniture like that found in Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel. If you are like me and love to peruse those catalogs for ideas but could never afford to actually purchase from them, then you've got to check out her site. She has accurate measured plans for free!

Here's the bed that I have talked Jacob into helping me make... so, so cool! Here's the original Farmhouse bed from Pottery Barn.

And here is Ana's knockoff... before the canopy is attached. Wow!

happy homekeeping!


  1. Oh...I can totally relate to the missing sun! :) But you are right ~ it is still there even when we don't see or feel it! (Something like the Lord ~ He never leaves us...we may wander, but HE is consistent in ALL THINGS!) How wonderful to serve a God like HE is!

    I am sure you will have success with your little seedlings! What a lot of trays you have ~ well done.

    Have a lovely week!

  2. What a good reminder to soak the seek flats. I've already collected a nice little stack of sour cream containers for my seeds. Thanks to your reminder :-)

    Wasn't the sun lovely? I just soak it up~ Pretty soon the flies will be out and bothering us again and we'll say "i can't wait for cooler weather so those pesky flies will go away" :-)


  3. That is too funny, I found that same Knock off wood site this past week too! Kathy


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