Thursday, January 14, 2010

Plans this weekend...


t's that time of the year here... the seed/gardening catalogs are arriving in great abundance.

It's time to plan this year's garden. Hannah and Abbie and I especially love the flower/herb gardens, but the veggie gardens are important too, so we'll be planning for all of them.

I like to start many of our plants indoors from seed~ so much cheaper that way and allows access to many varieties that simply aren't available in local nurseries too.

I have already ordered my pansy seeds. I *love* having pots and all sorts of containers on our front porch and back decks full of pansies. They can go out early in the spring (hello? spring? where are you?) Anyway I always start pansies from seed (well, most years I do) but I don't think I have ever started them early enough to have blooming pansies to set out when I am ready to put them out.

Here in the Midwest many years it simply gets too hot for pansies to do well once June arrives, so I need to start the seeds early not only to satisfy my desire to see green and color, but also to beat the heat.

Last spring, when I was still pretty new to the whole blogging thing I did two tutorials on seed starting under lights in your basement. If you are interested, you can find part one here and part two here. I am quite certain that I have overlooked one thing or another in those tutorials, so feel free to ask if you have a question and I'll try to answer them in another post soon.

Then, just for grins, I had to show you this:

All I did was ask for the boys to get out the peanut butter so we could make sandwiches and this is what I got! And yes, all seven are open and each one in various states of being used up.

I think we'll be cleaning out the pantry this weekend as well!



  1. I love the tutorials you did. I went back and read them. Such encouragement for me to get busy.
    Thank you~


  2. Oh that was hilarious...all those jars of peanut butter!!!! Lovely flower pics...makes me crave some spring! :)

  3. That peanut butter picture is hilarious!!! All seven open and in various stages! :) Wonderful! And I love the expression on your son's face!

  4. It sounds like time for peanut butter cookies...

  5. Ooh, where in the midwest are you? (We're in Minnesota...)
    And 7 open peanut butters is cracking me up right now. We have 1 open, but it's a big one, lol!

    I'm planning on starting some seeds again this year- last year was the first year we were really successful! 2 years ago they were off to a wonderful start and then fried in 1 day in our greenhouse, so sad, the year before we had a major damping off issue and lost everything in a day or two... but I keep trying, and last year was the best year, we planted so many home started plants in the garden!

    I'm excited for this year!

  6. I liked the peanut butter stacks, too! Things get stacked up around here before I even turn around! I know I have at least four jars opened...:) Thank God for his overflowing goodness!


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