Sunday, February 21, 2010

Call out the dogs...


lmost every afternoon I work out. Some days it's step aerobics (this is my favorite step DVD right now), but more often than not I ride my bike. As the weather this winter has not cooperated with me and allowed me to ride outside, my very thoughtful husband purchased a trainer for my bicycle. There are spin cycling DVDs like this one and this one that are really fun and motivating too.

Last week Daniel was watching me spin using Mindy's spin cycling DVD. At different points in the DVD there is video of you virtually passing another bicyclist, and other cut aways. By far the one that is the most fun, at least from Daniel's perspective is the time that you are "chased by an angry dog." At that point you have to ride as hard and fast as you can to beat the dog up the hill you are climbing.

This workout is a real killer. The trainer puts pressure against the back wheel of the bicycle and I can vary the intensity of the workout by simply shifting gears. Anyway, on this particular day I was nearing the end of this really intense hour-long workout and it must have showed that I was getting pretty tired.

"Mom?" Daniel queries.
"Yes?" I breathlessly answer.
"Mom, I think you need that dog to come out and chase you again!"

I think I need to let the dogs out to chase me at other times during the day too!



  1. This is too cool. I too love my beloved bike, but we live in snowy michigan. My feet ache as I jog around each day. I really need to bike! The other day I said to my husband, also a Tom, " one day they will make a simulated dvd type thing and you'll hook something to an exercise bike and it will look like you are steering away from stuff and riding trails and such." If it wasn't for the cost, I'd get it. Very good to know someone else out there is exercising daily! from a fellow mom of many!

  2. Pam... so funny that your husband is a Tom, too! I know what you mean about the expense... the trainer was a birthday gift for me (actually the bike was a birthday/Christmas gift two years ago from my parents!). Anyway, it is a new thing for us to be able to purchase things like that and I can really struggle with feeling guilty about getting something like that. It is fun though, once I get past the guilt! Any my knees are thanking me profusely for not doing step aerobics every single day!

  3. Okay, I'm married to a Tom also :)
    And I am amazed that you can exercise for an hour every day. Just amazed.

  4. Kathy, I'm really just selfish. :) I know how much I *need* to work off the stress every day in a positive way, *plus* that is how I get to have hot chocolate and eat popcorn every night for a snack! LOL! I have a hard time getting myself to change and work out each day, but I am really happy when I'm done. It's kinda' addictive, I think.

  5. Okay I'm married to John. I don't work out. EVER. I need to but I don't. I love YOGA. Very slow, disciplined movements. The angry dog chasing me would make me want to get off my bike and turn off the tv :-) But I love the company here - Hi Pam! Hi Regan Family Farm~ Hi Joyful Mom of Many :-)


  6. Hey Cinnamon... I've tried yoga and it is *way* harder than it looks! And I love the company here too~ hey everybody!

  7. What a great gift! LOL...the angry dog chasing you must be a real motivator! Your boy's comment was too funny...don't they come out with the greastest things?? Cycling is one of my favourites can get so far so quickly (not in the livingroom though)! :)

    Have a lovely week!

  8. Camille,

    As hard as I try it never seems that I am getting anywhere... LOL!

    Hmmmm sometimes I feel like that in other areas of my life as well!


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