Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project Life 1/22- 2/11!!


eady for a quick fast-forward glimpse of life here? I'm still working on Project Life 2010. So simple and I'm already really, really liking this snapshot of life here. It's the little things that I so quickly forget. This way I am blessed twice... the first time as I live life and really "notice" it... the second as I document the normal days here and have them to look back on.

::1/22 Happened to catch Jacob (almost 16), coaching Jon on the finer arts of throwing a football. I *love* catching moments like this!

::1/23 Timmy... you *love* life! We *love* having you around!

::1/24 The sun came out today! After weeks and weeks (it seemed!) of cloudy weather, we had bright sunshine this afternoon! My yellow kitchen was especially cheery this afternoon.

::1/25 I didn't make this quilt... but I really, really love it. Being wrapped up in a handmade quilt is almost as good as a real live hug. We've had lots of opportunities to wrap up this winter!

::1/26 Our little boys have so much fun with small stuffed animals. Jon found these little guys and set them on my counter today. "Please Mother, won't you take a picture of them? Please?"

::1/27 When we mop, the boys dry the floor with old towels. It's amazing how much additional dirt we pick up that way. Today, Timmy wanted to help. He was so diligent and so proud of his work!

::1/28 What happens when there are too many cold days and lots of little boy energy in our house? The energy must be expended somehow! Today Dan and Tim spun off their excess energy by spinning in circles on the chairs in my craft/sewing/school area. If I did that, I'd be *so* sick!

::1/29 From a photographic standpoint, this shot is crummy... way too blurry, etc. But from a memory standpoint, I love it! It's totally Abbie... at this age, right now. Caught her sweeping~ which is not her favorite job, but definitely a necessary one here with 10 children still at home, two dogs and living on a small farm to boot. Abbie almost always shines... she has this contagious bubbly joyful personality that is just plain fun to be around. So cool to see her maturing in the Lord.

::1/30 Another cold day here... so the boys got out Brio to play with. There are a few toys that we have invested in over the years. Brio is one that the boys play with over and over and over. I am really not a big fan of electronic toys (no Wii here), but I love toys that encourage imaginative play. Brio definitely fits the bill. Love catching brothers like this!

::1/31 Caught this cute lineup of boys when we had dinner with friends the Hartleys today. We have really enjoyed getting to know this sweet family.

::2/1 Jon has made some huge progress in his school work this year~ he is such a fun age to work with.

::2/2 Still cold and cloudy here. Our other "go to" toy for our boys is Playmobile. Their favorite sets are the medieval ones. In the past I have found gently used sets on ebay... this year we purchased some new sets for Christmas at half off. They play and play and play with this. Today medieval Europe was set up on my kitchen counter.

::2/3 Jake... I can't believe you are 16 today! When I had only little guys (and lots of them!) it seemed that with great regularity people would share with me the vague and ominous threat, "Just wait until they're teens!" Jake, you make having teens in the house a delight! I love getting to be your mother and I love seeing your tender heart for the Lord.

::2/4 Great Dane puppy Dude is so funny! He's not as furry as Lance, our Great Pyreneese, so isn't quite as fond of winter as Lance is. This is what we saw today out of our storm door. Dude was obviously trying to keep from sitting on the cold cement by using Lance as a chair. It's amazing what Lance puts up with!

::2/5 More snow! This had to be one of the prettiest snowfalls of the winter~ huge fluffy flakes. I think I love old fence posts almost as much as old barns.

::2/6 Lots of little boys + snow = fun and silly pictures.

::2/7 Today was our first church service at Reimagine Life Church! So, so excited to see all that the Lord is doing here. Here's a picture of the web site that 14yo Gabe helped build. Definitely still a work in progress, but I'm totally loving the fact that our whole family is involved in this on many different levels.

::2/8 A view out of my front door. Love this contrast between our flag and the very black and white background here.

::2/9 Today Timmy had an appointment with his allergist. In the past he has had some pretty severe asthma attacks, but he is doing great now. Praise God! As a part of his visit he needed to have some lab work done. The lab technician who had to draw his blood couldn't believe how good he was. He just sat still on my lap and when poked said a tiny "ouch." He was so proud of his lollipop treat!

::2/10 This time of year I find myself looking for color! Check out this hybiscus that I am babysitting for my parents! I think it really likes my south-facing kitchen window.

::2/11 Clay is another good winter pastime here....

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  1. What great pictures of your life and your children. I loved the one of all the boys sitting at the table, great shot!

    Quilts, yummy comfortable! They beg for warm, wooly socks and a cup of hot tea :-)

    Teens are a blessing aren't they? Amen to that!


  2. Oh Susan there is SO much here to comment on!! You are a fabulous photographer and you inspire me with it! :)

    I love the pic of your two dogs...I think that could be entered into a crazy pets contest and win. Very funny!

    Your boys with their train set warms my heart. We collected a wooden train set over the years when our boys were younger and it is definitely a "must keep" for future play. The oldest will even haul it out for playing with still.

    Your snow pictures are beautiful. As is your lovely kitchen and home. It feels very welcoming. I know what you mean about weeks and weeks of cloudy days...it gets so exciting to see the sun stream through those windows doesn't it? Unfortunately it does show all the dust that I could previously ignore...not the best thing, but through the dark of winter I do tend to ignore it. :)

    Have a lovely week!

  3. My goodness your photos are so stunning. What a wonderful (and large!) family you have. Hope you get some better weather soon. It has been terribly hot here in South Africa!

  4. I love hearing and seeing your life in pictures...I do wish we were neighbors, but I can still enjoy a cup of coffee while I hear about your week. Thank you for sharing and encouraging my heart.


  5. Susan, I miss "seeing" you on your blog~ *totally* understand not having time, etc., but I, like you, wish we lived closer together so we could sit down together and chat~ what fun that would be!

  6. Cinnamon, Thanks, as always for your encouraging comments. You are so faithful to post and encourage me~ your comments really do make my day, friend!

  7. Camille, thanks for all the sweet comments~ I feel like we have become friends through blogging, even though we live so far apart~ you are a kindred spirit, indeed!

  8. Rene'~ I loved seeing your blog~ totally amazing to me that you can live so far away~ South Africa(!!) and I can see what life is like for you there~ wow! Thanks for your kind comments.


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