Thursday, March 25, 2010

Be still my soul....

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ometimes the Lord slows me down.

Last Friday it was a bike wreck.  I'm so grateful to have received a phone call yesterday that my wrist/hand was not broken.  So I'll be back at it soon.

I was just bruised, scraped and yes, forced to slow down for a while.  (Plus I ended up getting a taser to carry when I bike ride out of the deal.  That's what happens when you are married to a policeman and someone threatens you. LOL!  Most bicyclists are nice... just not the one who sideswiped me.)  

That was Friday (when it was almost 65 degrees).  Saturday it snowed 12" here.  

I love snow.  Yes, even after this long (for us) winter.  I still love snow.  It's quiet, beautiful and I have an extra excuse to do what I love best: stay home and enjoy my family, my rich life, my God.

I have noticed that the Lord is so good to put little "bumps in my path" when I need a reminder to slow down and focus on Him.  I am so grateful for His care for me in that way.  He knows the condition of my heart; how prone to wander it is.  

How easily I am distracted by all the "good" things that there are to do.  

So I slow down, embracing life, in all of its inconvenient awkwardness. 


We walked in the woods, delighting in the quiet beauty of the spring snow....

Yep, had to put the pictures of Great Dane puppy "Dude" and our Pyreneese "Lance."   They love walking with us in the snow.

So I'm quieting my heart and reminding myself to slow down and embrace the only One Who Can Truly Satisfy.... Jesus.

For thus the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, has said, "In repentance and rest you will be saved, In quietness and trust is your strength." but you were not willing
Isa 30:15  

I am willing, Lord.  Let me find my strength in You.


  1. Oh dear Susan! So sorry you had that nasty experience!! But so thankful you are okay overall! How beautiful all your pictures are. I love snow and we really didn't see much this year as it was a relatively warm winter for us. There's always next year. And the memories of last year! :)

    How amazing your black dog looks in his pic with the snow on his nose...he's so photogenic. AND he has a good photographer on the other end of the lense to make him look good, of course!

    Rest well my friend and enjoy the days of "quiet" when they are handed to you. How it goes against our natures hey?

    With Love,

  2. hopefully the next slow down will
    be something less painful.

    so glad nothing is broken,

    your photos are just lovely.

    isn't this weather crazy. i turned
    the air conditioning day before
    yesterday, and now it's cold

  3. Awe Dear Susan,
    I feel so bad that you were hurt & thankful that you have not broken anything!I will be praying for you to heal & be still till the Lord feels you should be ...maybe you'll be able to spend a lil' extra time in the "welcome center"! See if we were closer I could get you some "hot cocoa" & I'll have a lil' coffee (before 3pm) & then you can show my oldest & I those sweet skirts she loved it! My second daughter & oldest would love to look at the patterns your sweet older (at home) daughters makes! They love them!
    Praying for you to heal.
    Also, wondering how is Nana?
    Blessings & prayers~

  4. I am so glad your accident was not worse, and that you are okay! Your pictures are beautiful. I do love snow, especially for short spurts! :) Although when spring is in the air, I get impatient when winter tries to hold on a little longer. Maybe God is trying to teach us all patience! I will be praying for your healing, resting time. I am so thankful you are safe...

    I am so enjoying your pictures!

  5. I am SO GLAD you are okay! I love how well you put it when you said the snow gives you an extra excuse to do what you love best: "stay home and enjoy your family, your rich life, your God." SO very well put! My favorite days are those which I don't venture out, but rather those when I stay home and enjoy this rich life God has given! Thank you for the encouragement to "embrace life in all its awkwardness." You are a blessing to me.

  6. Ah, a willing heart. Honest, yet ever ready to rest when God brings those soft 'blockades' to the schedule. There is nothing like letting go of our plan, to sitting back to watch His plan unfold. Inconvenient; yes. But in hindsight we come away enlightened.

  7. ~Camille, thanks *so* much, friend! I really appreciate your prayers and concern~ and *you*! Thanks for encouraging...

    ~myletterstoemily~ nice to "meet" you here! I agree~ less painful would be welcomed~ but I am aware that it could have been *much* worse!

    ~Lori~ Hi! Oh! Wouldn't that be fun! I have plenty of hot chocolate and coffee and the girls could talk sewing.... who knows, perhaps someday that will happen!

    ~Susan, thanks *so* much for praying, friend! I *really* do appreciate it! Really.

    ~J~ thanks for your concern.... but really *you* are a blessing to me... so faithfully commenting and encouraging me here. Thank you.

    ~Pam~ Yes... my desire to "come away enlightened"... but I forget so quickly.... I'm so grateful for the Lord's grace and patience with me. Good thoughts. Thanks.


  8. So sorry for your mishap! I am sure that hurt.

    Loved the post and of course pic's of your precious children. I to love snow, but I am getting a little anxious for spring. I have so many plans all bottled up inside. Like eating from my garden fresh food!!!!! Smile.
    Thank you for the reminder thought to Be still my soul........... The Lord knows we all need that.
    Blessings and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Linda, I'm looking forward to gardening too! We are late getting our peas in due to the wet, wet ground... but we'll get to it soon! *Love* fresh peas! Yummy!

    Hope you have a blessed Lord's Day!



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