Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The days are fleeting...

Yesterday afternoon I received a call that my grandmother, who is almost 95 had fallen and was at the ER. Thankfully I could go be with her.

She broke her pelvis in two places. Ladies, this is so sad. My dear, dear Nana has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders, and now, quite honestly, she is ready to die. I can totally understand this. As much as I would selfishly like to have her always around to cheer me on, I will be happy for her when she is released from her earthly frame.

It meant so much to me to be able to sit with her and hold her hand all afternoon and evening. I was able to go up to the room she was admitted to and help get her settled there.

Some medical professionals were fabulous with my Nana (she is almost totally deaf and blind), some, quite frankly, weren't. I counted it a privilege to be my Nana's advocate, telling her the things that so many wouldn't take the time or energy to communicate with her.

I spent the day with Nana today as well, explaining to her what the doctors and nurses were saying, praying, and mostly just hand-holding.

My parents, who were out of town are now back. Nana has been transported back to the nursing home where she lives.

Please pray for my dear Nana, for Don, her husband of 26 years, and for our family.

Please forgive my choppy, convoluted post... I'm coveting your prayers.

Thankful that our times are in His hands,


  1. Susan,
    I know you are such a blessing to your Nana. I am thanking God that you got to be there with her, to hold her hand, to encourage her, to explain things to her, and I will be praying for her, for you, for your family in the days and weeks ahead. May God continue to give each of you His peace.

  2. Oh Susan ~ I will be praying too...what a blessing to be the Lord's in these difficult days. How precious that you could be there for her in that tangible way...such tender moments those are ~ you will treasure them for always!! Moment by moment HE will carry you and your Nana through!

    With Love,

  3. I agree with "J" what a blessing to have someone care and be there with her!. YOU :-)

    My husbands Great Great Grandma lived to be 102. We named our 7th child after her, Gladys Viola. Grandma Gladys got to see our Gladys when our dtr was only 2 months old. I will never forget the JOY in her eyes~

    "Lord YOU have provided loved ones around "Nana" and what a testimony of how she spent her time, investing in others. Please comfort her and give her rest. Send those who would encourage and calm her and treat her respectfully. Provide her with Christian care filled with love and compassion. Thank you for her and I pray for comfort for those who love her so. In Jesus name~ amen~


  4. you your nana and all your family are in my prayers - families are such a blessing from God.

  5. You've got my prayers too <3

  6. Hey everybody, thanks *so* much for praying! My Nana is back at her nursing home now. She is glad to be back with her husband, Don. She is staying in a skilled nursing care area so she can get the physical therapy that she needs, but Don can walk down and visit with her, plus they can eat meals together, so that is very good.

    I appreciate your prayers and kind comments *so* much!

    humble thanks

  7. I will be praying. I got to be with my grandmother during her last days on earth. What a privilege and blessing to have a mentoring, Godly grandmother! I know God will unfold blessings for all of you. I am thankful you can spend the time with her, loving and serving her just by being there. Isn't human life amazing! I'm glad she is back home.


  8. I have been reading your blog for several weeks (I found you through Cinnamon). I have found it so encouraging. I will be praying for your Nana!! My Nana is with Jesus and I miss her cheerleading so much!! What a lovely blessing to have your grandmother and your children to have the blessing of a senior in their lives!! Thank you also for your lovely blog!!

  9. Susan and Momoftots, thanks so much for your prayers. My dear Nana is doing better. I'm so glad that we live nearby so we can visit and encourage her. You encourage me with your comments and prayers. I appreciate you!



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