Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project Life 2/19-2/25

Another week gone? Incredible!

Still working on Project Life here. This week I missed taking photos two days, but that's totally ok. I'll just add some "bit of life" from those days... perhaps and Aldi receipt or a small picture drawn by one of my little artists, or maybe just some journaling without photo documentation. It's all ok. Still capturing a tiny essence of what life is/was here in a very doable way.

::Friday 2/19/2010

It was snowing yet again! Today the snow flakes were absolutely huge... some larger than silver dollars. Abbie and Jon were completely mesmerized watching the monster flakes drift down.

::Saturday 2/20/2010

I felt so incredibly blessed to be able to purchase a new bed today. My back is very, very grateful. The super-duper pillowtop makes me feel like a princess! Hoping to make this bed frame when it warms up. I'm really excited about that project. Trying to decide if we'll paint it (distressed white or distressed black) or stain to match our furniture. I'm leaning toward staining... but that would require more expensive wood, so we'll see....

::Sunday 2/21/2010

Today I captured this sweet little interaction at a distance. Jon was helping little Timmy carry his sled up the hill. Love seeing (and capturing) little moments like this.

::Monday 2/22/2010

Dear Timmy, I love that you love to look at books. Totally love your tousled little boy hair. Totally love you, little guy. You are a blessing to our whole family.

::Tuesday 2/23/2010

Looked out the kitchen window this morning to see this really amazing honeycomb of ice that had partially fallen off of our deck table, then froze, hanging like that. Wow! We all had to run out in the cold to check it out from all angles. Brrrrr....

:: Wednesday 2/23/2010 and Thursday 2/24/2010

No pictures these days... not sure how that happened... but as I said, totally ok with that. I'll find something to put in those slots in our album.

I'm also planning on putting some occasional 8 1/2" x 11" pages in the album as well... since this is a 3-ring album it's easy to add additional page protectors and include larger items. This could be things like larger artwork or even blog posts that are relevant. Really looking forward to adding in some pages like that.

I'll try to take some pictures of my album with the photos in it to share here in the next week or so.

enjoying the ordinary days here,


  1. I love the snowy window picture...and I have to say that if you hadn't explained the sled picture one could have thought that they were fighting over it...not that children ever fight over anything.

  2. My children? Fight? Never! LOL! Actually, they usually do get along pretty well, but we all have our "moments," don't we? Jon really was helping Tim here though.

  3. I also love the snowy window picture, that's what it looked like in our yard too. Your kids our so cute, love the little boy reading. That last picture is super cool, going to show my kids that one. Yes, all our kids have their moments don't they. Have another great week.

  4. Your snow photos are just stunning. I can't wait for cooler weather here in South Africa, it's been HOT!! Enjoy your new bed. I felt the same when we got our new bed almost 2 years ago. I still love crawling into it every night!

  5. Once again, beautiful! Just beautiful! And for what it's worth...if you go with the painted wood for your bed frame and keep the room colour the same, I think the distressed black would be lovely! Just my two cent's worth! :)

    Oh...and that frozen honeycomb shaped ice was amazing ~ God's handiwork everywhere.


  6. Those are very nice pictures!

    If you make them a little bit smaller we could appreciate them better!

    I love all of them!!!

  7. I love all your pictures~ always capturing such beauty!

    The sun is shining here and it's in the mid 30's. This wknd it's up to the 40's. wooo-whooo!! Break out the short sleeves :-)

    Did you see the Ladies retreat on my blog(top side bar) - care to join me?


  8. Just found your blog from Cinnamon. Can't wait to come back and read more!! We have a dozen kids too. Aren't they fun!

  9. Darling:) I love capturing moments of my boys playing or helping each other.

    God Bless

  10. Oooh - your bed looks so comfy! I also like the honeycomb pic - that is really cool.
    thanks for sharing.

  11. Dawn and Rene thanks!

    Camille, thanks for the input re our bed. I think the distressed black would be really cool too. I think if I use some additional black accent pieces in our room (like picture frames, etc.) it might look really cool.

    Karina, thanks for the feedback re my picture size. I'll have to check on that. I've never had anyone mention that before and they aren't too large on my computer screen, but I'm really glad you told me. I'll do some research!

    Cinnamon, Yep! I hear you about "breaking out the short sleeves!" I think we're supposed to be in the 50s here! Wooo Hooo!

    Mommyx12, Legendswife and Brendavar, so nice to "meet" you here! I hope to see you again soon! Thanks for your kind comments.


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