Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project Life 3/12- 3/18


ack again with another installment of photos that will go into our Project Life album this year. Basically I am taking a photo-a-day and slipping it into an album. What an incredible slice of life I have saved that way already this year. So much that I most certainly would have forgotten entirely.

::Friday 3/12/2010
~ Some ominious looking clouds~ spring must be coming. We just ended up getting a little rain, nothing worse than that.

::Saturday 3/13/2010
I usually try to avoid shopping on a Saturday, but I couldn't get out of it this week! So today I went to purchase animal food (note the bale of hay in the back of the minivan~ the pickem-up truck is on the fritz), to Sams, Aldi, the library and even the hardware store. Yea baby, power shopping! I took three of the little boys along to be my special helpers ~ and they were a great help. Of course they know that shopping is a priviledge... if they get the "gimmie hands" they won't get to go along next time. I sound tough, but they know I won't have disobedient helpers along, so then we have fun together!

I also saved this photo of the car... thought it was so funny how Josiah buckled in the large box of eggs from Sams. (I wish my laying hens would get busy this spring!) The buckling did work... no eggs were broken in my zeal to return home from shopping. I actually sized this photo so it would fit into one of the journaling card slots. So I have two Saturday photos this week.

::Sunday 3/14/2010
Playing around with my camera before church. Mirrors are such fun. I took a bunch of pictures but this was the only halfway decent one. I'm still learning about taking good pictures indoors without using a flash or tripod.

::Monday 3/15/2010
Tom, and our two oldest boys at home left for a fabulous trip to Arizona! They were able to visit the Grand Canyon, do some hiking etc with my parents. (Abbie and I get to make a little trip out there in a few weeks~ yay!) I'm praying that we can take the whole family out there next year. I am planning on making a two-sided 8 1/2" x 11" photo spread of pictures from their trip to AZ to slip into a page protector and add between the main pages for this week. Love that I can do that with this album. I've really be inspired by Ali Edwards to use a variety of sizes of page protectors in one album.

The weather was relatively nice today, so I went out to play with the boys. Some moms have the problem of their children running away when the camera appears. Not me! "Mom! Take my picture! Mom! Look at me!" So funny.

::Tuesday 3/16/2010
OK, I'll admit it. I only included this shot because it makes me feel like Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman!

What do you think?

We raise Nubian Dairy goats... mostly so we have the good milk for our family. They seriously think that they are pets, not livestock. When I went out to take photos today they all had to check out the camera. There could be something good to eat there, ya know? Gotta' check that out.

OK, enough goat noses.

:: Wednesday 3/17/2010
We are thick into the mud season here so when the boys get tired of playing swimming in the mud, out comes the Playmobile and blocks.

::Thursday 3/18/2010
Another favorite indoor activity this week: dominos. No, not the "real" game, the "see-how-many-you-can-line-up-before-your-little-brother-knocks-them-down" kind of dominos! Aaah such fun! Just joking (mostly!)~ actually the boys really do have fun together most of the time!

The days pass so quickly, don't they?

So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.
Psa 90:12

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  1. I always look forward to seeing your photos! What's not to love? A PW-inspired goat shot, eggs in a seatbelt, colorful dominos, cute kiddos. Awesome, awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pictures again this week. I love the one with all the food in the van and how funny about strapping in the eggs. I just noticed that you took pictures of your kitchen to show us, don't know how I missed it. I'm going to leave a comment later on that post, but I can say WOW WHAT A KITCHEN!!! I would love to know what your family eats during the week, could you do a post about that if it's not too much trouble? Would love to see how much food you make, how long it takes you, etc? I love reading about large families and how they do things. Thanks again for showing us your pictures, always a happy time here.Have a good week.

  3. Great pictures Susan!

    Loved the eyes buckled in. Also the one of your son by his toys.

    Hope you have a blessed week!

  4. Susan your photos are SO different this week. I love that!! Love the car shot, and also your photo of you in the mirror. I also tried one of those this week, it's actually a lot harder than it looks!! Enjoy the rest of your week! Smiles, Rene'

  5. Love the minivan full of hay! So funny!
    Looks like you had a fun week!

  6. I love the buckeled in Pictures as well! How fun! I wonder what was going through his mind when he did that?

  7. *Love*Love*Love* the pics this week! How fun is that to have a bale of hay in your minivan surrounded by food for the family!! The playmobile and blocks pic is great as is the dominoes shot. Your four little boys are too adorable...some great hubbys in training there I would imagine! :) Too funny to have a close-up of the goat's nose...memories are abounding in this week's shots. I am totally inspired to jump on this bandwagon...I bet you will do it every year!

    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  8. Beautiful, as usual! I can just hear your chuckle as you saw the eggs protectively buckled in. :) Have a wonderful week- I'm looking forward to the next set of pictures.

  9. Love looking at all these ideas. Just wondering what font that is you use for the day on all the photos.

  10. Sarah~ hello again! Thanks so much for your kind comments. You are so encouraging!

    Dawn~ Sure... I'd be glad to share about what we eat, etc. It would at least be good for a laugh! Somehow everybody has survived....

    Susan~ Thanks! Hope you have a great week too!

    Rene'~ so good to see you again~ yep, those mirror shots are fun, aren't they?

    Delane~ nice to see you here! Thanks for stopping by!

    Bev~ I don't really know *what* he could have been thinking~ *surely* he wasn't saying that my driving is erratic! Surely!

    Camille~ Hello! I definitely think you *should* start Project Life~ and you really don't have to wait until next year to start, either!

    Lisa~ Thanks so much, friend! Hope you are feeling better. I'm praying for you.

    Jenny~ The font is actually a digital "word art" or digital "brushes" from Designer Digitals. Here's a link to it:
    Hope that helps!


  11. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for responding back. It may be wierd but I love to read about other families and their cooking. Especially with so many mouths to feed, I have a hard time with just my 3 kids. Have a good weekend!!


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