Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project Life 3/19- 3/25


till working on Project Life here.

Each week I find myself amazed at how quickly another week has passed, and so grateful that I captured tiny glimpses of life here....

::Friday 3/19/2010
Timmy, "Mommy, Mommy! Look!" I can't begin to tell you how excited he was to have found his very. own. um.....
You would think we had no other pets or toys around here the way he treated that poor worm! I *love* Timmys "take" on life~ it's all totally new and exciting to him. Even worms!

::Saturday 3/20/2010
The first full day of spring here arrived along with 12" of snow! Wow! Abbie said, "Come on Mother! Let's take our cameras out in the woods and take a walk!"

::Sunday 3/21/2010
5 month old Great Dane puppy "Dude" finds great delight in taking mittens and hats from little boys who are sledding. We finally had to make him stay indoors for a while so the boys could sled without the stalking and tackling Dane. Timmy thought it was really funny to show Dude his mittens and hat through the window. Dude was trying as hard as he could to "grab" the tempting mittens from Timmy! So funny!

::Monday 3/22/2010
ok, I know, Timmy is in almost every picture this week. I really didn't plan it that way.... honest. This one simply *had* to go in the album for Monday though~ it *so* captures Timmy's personality. Love it.

::Tuesday 3/23/2010
The electric company crews were on our street today trimming the trees to keep them away from the overhead power lines. The boys were totally entranced by this.... what's not to like? Men climbing 60+ feet up into trees while holding chain saws~ I'm sure that several of the boys have new career paths planned out...

::Wednesday 3/24/2010
Remember the peanut butter jars? It turns out that the lids make great wheels! Josh and Jon had a blast creating these cars for their Playmobile men. Love their ingenuity.

::Thursday 3/24/2010
Caleb found this tiny airborne seed floating on the breeze and captured it, insisting that I photograph it. *Love* God's attention to detail! (and my son's growing awareness of that beauty as well!)

Enjoying His myriad of blessings here~ praying that your week is blessed as well,

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  1. So cool. I have a friend I'm going to recommend this project to. She is Aimee, and she has been pretty down for a few years as her mom and sister both died. I think this may give the photographer in her some purpose.

    Love the simplicity of that last little wispy seed that was caught and cherished. Great job!

  2. great pictures again this week. I can't believe you got all that snow. We just got a light dusting. Monday's picture of Timmy is a keeper, love his eyes in that one. The first and last pictures are sweet too. Have another good week, thanks for sharing.

  3. I always enjoy your photos so much. I just love the mittens through the window photo! Dogs are just so like that, aren't they? The black and white photo of your son is just stunning. No wonder you just had to use it! Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos with us.

  4. Great everyday pictures! I love the worm shot that was so cool that you caught that.

  5. I have again really enjoyed your photos this week. Simply stunning. The b & w photo is breathtaking. I took a similar photo of Jamie holding the dandelion a few weeks ago when I first got my new camera. Please can you tell me what camera you use. Do you also use a zoom lens? Would love to know, I could dream of taking photos like you!!

  6. So lovely Susan ~ ALL of it! Even the worm...God's creatures are all amazing. How beautiful that you share photography with your girl...so wonderful!

    Have a lovely evening!
    With Love,

  7. ~Pam, Hi! Oh, I definitely think Aimee would love to work on Project Life, or even a DIY version of it. This has been *so* cool for me to work on.

    ~Dawn! Hey there! Good to see you again!

    ~Sarah~ nice to see you again... I'm glad you stopped by for a visit!

    ~Bev,... thanks~ yep, worms are a pretty big part of life here with nine boys! LOL!

    ~Rene'~ hey there, my friend from SA! I have a Canon Rebel xsi. I either use the kit lens (18-55mm, which is a "small" zoom lens) or a cheap 50mm lens. I think the two biggest things I have learned to do is to leave the flash off and to "go manual." I found a book by Ben Long called "The Canon EOS Digital Rebel xsi/340D Companion" that was/is really helpful.

    There are also some web sites that are full of free info, like Texas Chicks Blogs and PIcs (www.texaschicksblogsandpics.com)
    or I heart Faces:
    Also the Pioneer Woman has some great free info

    I think the best thing to do is to take lots and lots of pictures~ I'm definitely in learning mode here. I still have a *lot* to figure out. I'm glad you are enjoying what I'm doing right now though. Thanks!

    ~Beth, thanks! Good to see you here!



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