Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project Life 3/5- 3/11


ere is another weeks worth of photos that will go into our Project Life album this year. If you are not familiar with this... it is basically a large photo album with divided page protectors, enough for a years worth of photos. Some weeks I don't strictly adhere to the "photo-a-day." I might include another photo within an day or two of that day, or even some other ephemera from life. This is working out to be a really cool way for me to systematically document our everyday life here.

Each week I am posting the photos from the previous week and the explanations that will go into my album as well. I really can't recommend this highly enough; and you don't have to start on Jan 1, either! What a great way to tangibly see God's mercy and blessings in your family's life. Plus, when you are getting old like me, it helps you remember the things that you tend to forget 45 minutes after they happen!

::Friday 3/5
Another nice day.... we have all been waiting for weather like this! Jacob and Gabe spent all day working on their new and biggest-to-date tree fort. Projects like this usually require the dismantling of various other tree forts on our property.... all of the boys like to get involved in this. LOVE seeing them work hard together to accomplish something. Who knows perhaps they'll build me a house someday!

::Saturday 3/7
This was a road trip day! My mother, Hannah, Abbie and I drove to Manhattan, KS to see our oldest daughter Micah. She and her husband Joshua recently bought their first home. It was so fun to see them and ooooh and aaaah over their new home!

::Sunday 3/8
Daniel. 5. Vivacious. Inquisitive. Garrulous. Lots of fun crammed into a small package. the end.

::Monday 3/9
My early morning view as I was having my quiet time. Truly "the heavens do declare the glory of God!"

::Tuesday 3/10
Timmy, our three year old, loves to "do school" just like his big brothers and sisters. Oh how hard he works. Love the intensity in his demeanor.

::Wednesday 3/11
Today all of us went to visit my dear Nana. I saw this "fish-eye mirror" in one of the halls and had everybody gather 'round! Too funny! (and my Nana is doing better! Slowly but surely. Thanks for praying!)

::Thursday 3/12
Hannah began playing flute recently. When she goes upstairs to practice Timmy likes to tag along and play too. He plays the recorder while Hannah plays her flute. So adorable. Today I snuck up and caught them in action. I love seeing our older children welcoming their younger siblings into their lives. One of the fruits of homeschooling...

There you have it, another week in our (very ordinary but rich) life. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. My boys would give an arm and a leg for a treehouse!! LOVE the bubble photo, it is classic. Wow, your family is big!! Glad to hear your Nana is on the mend. Smiles, Rene'

  2. Great pictures again this week. My kids would love, love a tree fort. We sadly don't have any trees in our yard though. That would be cool if they built you a house one day. All your boys from big to little are cute. Love that picture of all of you in the mirror so funny. Glad to hear your nana is getting better. That's great to see the older siblings with the younger ones. Have another great week. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Really enjoyed your week in pictures!

    Your blog is so nice.

    I started playing the flute the same year your daughter is now.

    I pray she loves it and continues with it.


  4. Such a cool group of photos this week! Hard to choose a fave - Timmy "doing school," the fish-eye mirror, the 5 year old in a tree. All so aweseome. Thank you for giving such a great example of Project Life!

  5. Once again a lovely post Susan! How wonderful that your boys are doing that tree fort together...fun times! Your daughter and little boy both playing their "flutes" is the best picture...so sweet! :) So glad to hear your Nana is feeling a bit better...so hard to see them suffer!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Wonderful photos! You are so creative, I love the bubble mirror pic! And your description of your little boy is perfect, love it!

  7. Your photos are amazing! I love the fish eye mirror photo and the one of your daughter practicing the flute! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a great new header. So "springy" :-) Love the purple!

    Tree forts, that has been an ongoing conversation here. Our kids build them in EVERY tree, way high up :-0 I don't mind that as much as I mind the MESS that hangs in the trees and the cars that drive by looking at our yard which looks like we have a zillion kids.....oh wait, we do :-)

    Love your week in pictures and thanks for the name of the paint you used in your kitchen.

    ~ Cinnamon

  9. Great pics!! They all look proud of their fort so far! Life looks grand in your house!

  10. My oldest 2 girls and I really love looking at your pictures. I love the one when you all are looking at the mirror. And the tree forts are great I bet. We have a small one that really isn't finished. My husband and the boys plan to work on that when it warms up. Missy

  11. Hey thanks, everybody! I sure do appreciate all the encouraging comments... Cinnamon, you are so funny: "looks like we have a zillion kids.....oh wait, we do :-)" Funny, funny! Yea, me too!

  12. Beautiful pictures! The flute picture is particularly sweet. It tells quite a story.

  13. I love your pictures!!! Especially about your daughter starting to play the flute--best advise:practice practice practice:)(I've been playing for nineteen years).I love her dress,would love to get my hands on a pattern like that, did you make this for her?

  14. Mikki, Thanks! I agree, it's pretty cool when we can occasionally "capture the story." I'm trying to get better at that since those seem to be the pictures that I really treasure.

    Happy Homemaker, how cool that you have played flute for so long! I played for about 8 years, so I have a *little* experience... and I agree, practice is what it takes. Thankfully, Hannah is very self-motivated and practices almost every day, just 'cause she wants to. Good to see you here!



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