Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Seams" like spring, perhaps?

om and the two oldest boys were out of town this week, so I gave the littlest children a light school week  (the older ones do work independently) and I used a little of this.....

 and a little of this......

to make this

and this

The skirt is reversible! Such fun!  Here it is, reversed...

I used Sabra's idea here.... with some modifications.  I made my skirt longer and I lined it because calico is a little see-through in direct sunlight.  Basically this is a really big skirt... the top is sewn together through the bias tape binding far enough that the skirt can still be pulled on, then wrapped and tied.  

You can then untie, open the skirt, twist it 180 and retie for a reversed skirt!  So clever, Sabra!  Thanks!  (and thanks Cinnamon, for cluing me in to this idea!)

I'm really looking forward to warmer weather so I can wear this with some cute flats and a T.  Love!
The other tunic top is the "Amelia Shirt Pattern."  It is super-easy and can be found here.  It is a PDF pattern.

Also Abbie cut out another tiered skirt like this one found here.  Hopefully she'll be able to get it sewn up today.

In the "flop" category, I worked on these pj's... really cute pattern and Cindy Taylor has the *best* directions!  However, the size I chose ended up being *way* too big!  Not like, "comfy big," more like "swimming in it big."  Bummer.  

Next up: I want to design/make a bag for my camera, a few lenses, and room for cell phone, billfold, etc.  I have a few trips coming up this spring and I'd love to have a cute/practical way to carry those things.  I am using this as a possible idea.  (*WAY* out of my price range!) or perhaps a backpack like this one with divided areas for the above-mentioned things.   Anybody have any ideas?  I'd love to hear them!

We are getting a tremendous amount of snow today... so once I'm done with lesson planning and other necessary work, I am looking forward to some more working-in-the-warm-house creativity!  (I would go out sledding with the boys~ which I love, but I had a little bicycling "incident" yesterday, so I am nursing a bunch of bruises and scrapes....)  

Had to bring this little guy in to rescue him from the First Day of Spring blizzard here...

One more good sledding day will be fun for the boys and the snow can't last long this time of year, right?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. You've been a busy girl! Great job on the projects and I hope you have success with your camera fun to have a camera to take along hey? :)


    P.S. We were praying for you and the church plant the other is it going?

  2. Adorable! Do you have a pattern for the top picture or did you make it up? Love the skirt too. Oh how I wish I had more time to sew right now!! Your fabric is so cute and unique. My daughter was just asking today if we could make simple Easter dresses for the girls. I guess it might be a matter of priorities, but often times it feels like survival!

    We had a blizzard here too, so funny though, it is trying to roar but it is not sticking to the driveway and Monday it is going to be 50, so I am not threatened int he least!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Love you!

  3. ~ Camille,yes! *So* grateful to have my dear camera~ it's practically becoming another appendage! LOL!

    Thanks for praying about and asking about the church plant. We have, after *much* prayer and consideration, decided that we needed to postpone our official "launch" until later. We simply didn't have the resources that were needed to move ahead. We are totally ok with that... we've learned a lot and are excited to see what the Lord would have us do next.

    ~ Michelle, you can find the shirt pattern here:
    it is the "Amelia"~ it's *really* easy to sew. A quick project!

    I know what you mean about the snow this time of year. So pretty and fun, especially knowing that it won't last long! : )


  4. Ooh, that skirt is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing! I just long skirts!

  5. I love this post and the ideas. And I always love the other bloggers that you introduce us to here on your blog. :) Thanks!

  6. Hi Stacie! I'm glad you liked the skirt... it was really easy to make~ I think we'll be making more for this spring/summer.

    Hope you have a wonderful week friend!


  7. I love the shirt! That fabric/style look perfect together! I have to make it!

  8. Hi there, Kathy G! I'm glad you like the links... it is amazing how much creative content is out there! Hope you have a wonderful week, friend!

    Abby~ have fun making the shirt! I think you'll really like it. I found the fabric on sale at Hancock Fabrics, btw.


  9. I love the skirt long. And I totally love that shirt, especially with that fabric.

    If it's okay, I'd love to feature your long skirt next Friday? So sorry it took me so long to get here. I knew I had seen your comment, and even followed the link. But I thought it was in the main skirt post and never could find it again. But now I'm bookmarking it so I don't lose you again!

  10. Sabra, Of course it would be fine for you to post about my skirt~ thanks! I'm so glad you thought of the idea! It's so cute; my girls have already told me that they need to sew one too.... : )

    Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!


  11. Just getting caught up on your wonderful blog~ I love your skirt. It came out soooo good and adorable!!

    I thought of you at midnight, last week, as we were waiting for my husband to pick us up at the airport and some nice man was helping us. I wondered....hmmmm....maybe he knows Susan ;-)

    Your son is going to Ft. Benning? That's where our oldest son was born nearly 21 yrs ago~

    Once again, love the pictures~

    Have a wonderful Easter, remembering Christ is Risen!!


  12. Cinnamon~ thanks! So glad you are back from your "hug your grand-dumplin' trip." What a small world that you lived at Ft. Benning in the past. Actually, it's such a huge fort, I'm sure that *lots* of people have lived there~ LOL! Anyway.... praying that you had a blessed Resurrection Sunday as well!


  13. Your sewing creations are beautiful! I have a real desire to sew..I even have my mom's machine. I *can* sew...but it's the thread-and-bobbin changing that gets me all befuddled. It's so frustrating to me...even though my mom has graciously shown me numerous times...I still fight with the machine....but oh how I long to sew some beautiful clothes for my daughter and I...very few places sell modest and lovely clothing anymore...and any that do are totally out of my price range! ;)


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