Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Remembering the Days...and a Giveaway too!


ands down, the most satisfying new "habit" that I have made during the past year has been the decorated journals where I log my daily life. These are easy-peasy and give me not only the delight in looking back on what was on my heart at any given time, but also are an inexpensive piece of beauty on my desk.

These are simple artists hard-bound sketch books, decorated with pictures I've rescued from old magazines and artwork from cards, embellished with pens, rubber stamps and odd doodles. I have two of these notebooks right now. One I keep open on my desk with current "to-do lists." The other is my thankfulness journal, containing an ongoing list of things I am thankful for. There is certainly no rule stating that you couldn't combine both a thankfulness list and a desk journal into one book. I have considered doing just that and may in the future.

In my desk journal, I keep current lists of ongoing projects. I like to list: "To Do" "To Call" "To Go" (errands to run), "To Blog" and "To Make." During the spring and summer I also tend to keep a gardening task list as well. Those lists are interesting to look back on, but the pages that
are the most meaningful to me also include quotes that I found (or heard around here), Bible verses on my heart at the time, poems, etc.

My thankfulness journal simply contains an ongoing list of blessings found. Purposefully adding to this list has brought about an attitude transformation in me. My ordinary life is abundantly filled with grace-given gifts. And to think, if I hadn't begun to list, I never would have known! Next to spending time in God's Word each day, this would for sure be the daily habit that I would most recommend (ok I'd also have to add scripture memory!).

The two journals that I am adding to right now are both about 8 1/2" x 11 1/2". One is spiral bound and the other is not. The advantage of the spiral bound one is that it can handle more bulk if lots of papers are pasted in it. The advantage of the other journal is that when the pages are open there isn't a gap between the pages.

I have found lots of magazines for free... some at our library as it periodically (witty, huh?!!) gets rid of old magazines, my sweet mother has passed many along to me and I've even seen some listed for free on Craig's List. Some favorites: Country Living, Cottage Living, Country Living Gardens, and even ones like the Missouri Conservationist or Arizona Highways.

When I am given a new magazine I try to go through it pretty quickly, tearing or cutting out pictures and words that appeal to me, then filing them into labeled folders. Some of the folders I use are: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, White, Pink (Valentine's Day), Floral/Gardening, etc. Then when I am ready to create a new page, it is easy to pull out my folders and go to work.

Here are some pages, ready for the documentation of life here:

I like to choose one or two colors from a favorite picture and include other pictures with those colors as well... I think it adds cohesiveness to the page. Lots of unrelated (by color) but favorite images are pleasing as well though.

And now the giveaway! I'm so excited! This will be the first giveaway that I've done here on my blog and I am really looking forward to blessing someone with one of these journals! Just leave a comment here on this post and next Wednesday (May 5, 2010) I will randomly choose a winner. The recipient will receive a hard bound artist's journal with several pages already decorated and ready to receive your handwritten thoughts, lists and quotes. Such fun!

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So there you have it! Hope this is helpful. I know that these decorated journals have really enriched my days here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project Life 4/16- 4/22

I'm still working on Project Life here.... an album chronicling life here using a photo a day for a year, plus some journaling. This past week I also did an intensive week of photo taking and documenting what our life is like here right now called "A Week in the Life." (posts from the week are here.) If you have been reading as I posted those photos, you might see some duplicates~ sorry! I almost didn't post my Project Life photos here this week for that reason, but decided that I would anyway because it does help me keep up with that project.

So, without further adieu, here are the photos from April 16-22:

::Friday April 16
An eventful day here~ not only was it Gabe's 15th birthday, but Jacob got his driver's license too! Wow!

::Saturday 4/17/2010
Love the red bud tree outside of our bathroom window!

::Sunday April 18/2010
Hard to believe it, but Hannah graduates from high school this year! Here is one of the senior photos that we took.

::Monday 4/19/2010
Hannah and Abbie teach with Child Evangelism Fellowship in a local public school. What a privilege for them to share the Good News in that setting!

::Tuesday 4/20/2010

Our new resident griller~ Gabriel! He does a great job, and I am glad to have help cooking!

::Wednesday 4/21/2010
Miss Hannah helping me weed in my beloved herb garden. She loved to sew and wear Regency era clothing~ so pretty!

::Thursday 4/22/2010
Timmy + rain = pure springtime delight

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Planning to be back soon with something other than our photography posts! I appreciate you checking in and reading~ really I do!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cherish today....

ok.... one more post today. If you have 7 min~ this is good! This is why I did the "Week in the Life" project this past week.

Delight in today~ even (or especially!) the ordinary ones are a blessing....

A Week in the Life- Sunday

Wow! What a project "A Week in the Life" has been! Way harder than I anticipated, but much more rewarding too. Here are some of the photos I took on Sunday. I found some of the photography to be more challenging later in the week... it was raining so we spent less time outdoors. Plus, honestly I haven't felt well all week (and no, I'm not expecting! I would *love* to be able to announce that, but I'm not.)

So here's a glimpse into Sunday here...

Some family time in the Word:

Later, the resident "cleaning crew" in action as we prepare to have a family over to eat:

Adorable sheep~ a gift from my mother:

BBQ'd chicken for lunch:

Tim and his friend Lilly:

Prep for an afternoon nap:

Some things I do when I'm not feeling up to par:
  • extra time in the Word.
  • slow down... sleep "in" (really late, like 7:30am!)
  • take a nap when I can squeeze one in
  • take lots of photos.... helps me to slow down and delight in the many everyday ways that I'm blessed.
  • exercise: 15mi on bike or jog almost every day
  • give myself lots of extra grace.... this too will pass
Captured on a little afternoon/evening walk:

Just before I walked into the house, I saw Tom, through the window, totally engrossed in his Bible... this is so typically "Tom." Even when we were dating, 24 years ago, I frequently found him this way:

When I came indoors, Miss Hannah was cutting out an apron pattern:

On many Sunday evenings here we have popcorn, fruit and cheese:

In the evening, Tom and I stopped by my parents' house for some fellowship and counsel about some things~ *love* that my parents love the Lord and we can go to them for godly wisdom.

This week I hope to assemble this album.... I'll post some completed album pictures if I can.

Thanks for reading along this past week!