Monday, April 26, 2010

Cherish today....

ok.... one more post today. If you have 7 min~ this is good! This is why I did the "Week in the Life" project this past week.

Delight in today~ even (or especially!) the ordinary ones are a blessing....


  1. Oh Susan...
    I am crying my eyes out!
    I have 6 oldest is almost 16. I told him the other day I sometimes have a hard time letting go. I close my eyes and see the little 5yr old he once was and though he would be a child forever.
    Being grow seemed so far is now here:(

    Can I post this video on my blog?

    Thanks for sharing it!


  2. ~Georgiann, it made me cry too! Of course, it would be fine for you to post it on your blog....


  3. ~Georgiann, it made me cry too! Of course, it would be fine for you to post it on your blog....


  4. Thank you. I am totally crying right now and I was crying before I started watching this, but this has helped me with what I was struggling with. God bless and thank you.
    Shelley :)

  5. That was awesome! What a perfect ending to a week of, journaling through photos, perfectly ordinary days.

    Love it!!


  6. oh. dear. me.

    Just a little bit teary here and wow, did she ever nail it! Thanks for sharing! May we ever live IN the Moment and ENJOY the blessings God has given! I really thought it would last forever too....

    Have a beautiful (ordinary) day my friend!

  7. Susan, this was perfect for the ending of your posts! Oh to have known this 23 years ago, though I am so happy to be learning it now! My prayer is that all those new mamas would really 'get' this message.

    Our second oldest is still home at 20, but I feel it right around the corner. We have been having some awesome talks lately. I just told him the other day that I am so glad God still has him home, I don't feel we are 'done' yet, but that I am also ready when God says, 'go', because that too will be precious. but for now, I hold on a little tighter when we hug and breathe in these last moments.

    Thank you for posting this, friend.


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