Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Arizona trip, part 1


n Thursday April 8, Abbie and I left on our little adventure to Arizona! We went to visit my parents who live there during the coldest winter months. It was Abbie's first time to fly.... such fun to experience something new with her!

My parents met us at the airport in Phoenix, then we left to drive north to the Grand Canyon. I have been there before, but it never ceases to totally amaze me. Photos simply can't do the Grand Canyon justice. After spending the night there in the Grand Canyon village, we awoke to this incredible vista:

It totally causes me to stand in awe of my Precious Savior, the Creator God.

And I am, most certainly not the only one so inspired by His creation.

For some reason I found myself drawn to old weathered trees on this trip.

Such things those trees must have "seen!"

We hung around the Grand Canyon all day, then headed up to Page, AZ to get ready for our photographic tour of "Canyon X" which was scheduled for the next day. Page is home to Lake Powell... I believe it is the largest man-made lake in the United States. Before eating dinner we did a little exploring there.

The terrain there was fascinating.

Loved the low angle of the setting sun. We had fun with the shadows. Here are my father and I:

My father and Abbie paused a minute for a captured moment in time....

We said good bye to a fabulous first day of our Arizona adventure....

Next up: some photos that appear to be from another planet of slot Canyon "X" and from the Chiricahua national park, some rock formations that you won't believe.


  1. What a fun adventure and to be able to share it with your dtr, priceless!

    I enjoyed all your shots, the clouds, the old weathered trees. Beautiful.

    Btw, I checked out Ali's site. Very cool idea to journal a week. I bought an sketch pad today so I could paste pictures in it. I don't do the nice and costly journals. I just buy a sketchy pad and write, cut and paste and I have a blast with it. Since blogging I haven't done any. But all my children ~love~ to look back on the one I did of our lives in California~

    Thanks for sharing the journal idea and I enjoyed peeking in on your trip, part one :-)


  2. Dear Susan ~ Don't you just *love* looking down on the clouds from a plane?? I always am struck with the majesty of our Great God when I look out the window of a plane! are right ~ Grand Canyon cannot be comprehended in truly is AMAZING!! I was there when I was 16...awhile ago now! :)

    Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

  3. Those pictures were amazing! And I love that sign you took a picture of, very neat!! missy

  4. Dear Susan,
    How sweet that you & your Abbie can spend this time with your parents (her gr-parents), cherish this time!
    We love the picture with the Psalms on it! Some one knew where these beautiful sites are from! :)
    Enjoy your visit...looking forwarsd to more pics!
    Give your parents a extra Hug :)

  5. Dear Susan,
    Wow those are incredible pictures.
    What a wonderful trip it must have been.
    I can't imagine the sights you must have seen.
    Look forward to follow ups.

  6. ~Cinnamon, thanks! We did have fun! I love your idea of using a sketch pad. If you have time, post some pics on your blog of what you do next week, ok? I'd *love* to see!

    ~Camille, I wish everyone could see the Grand Canyon at least once! Definitely awe-inspiring.

    ~Hey there Missy and Lori, good to see you again! Thanks for the kind comments!

    ~ D, Canyon "X" sounds like spy code or something, but that really is it's name. Jackson Bridges, our tour guide was actually the one who named it. It is on indian property so when he negotiated with them to have access to it, he was given the opportunity to name it as well. He told us that he thought of "x," like "x-treme." He also said that there are a number of natural "Xs" on the rocks in the canyon. If you are familiar with the area, it actually connects to Antelope Canyon, but several miles further up.

    ~Gae, Thanks! Nice to meet you here! I appreciate your comments!



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