Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project Life 3/26- 4/1


ach week when I get ready to post this I find myself totally amazed that another week has passed so quickly. You would think that I would quit being surprised by this, but I don't. The days, they pass so quickly... oh to invest my time wisely as the Lord would have me to.

This year I am chronicling our lives by taking a photo-a-day (more or less!) and slipping those photos into an album, along with some journaling for each day. This has been a super-rewarding way for me to capture our lives in small glimpses. I am using Becky Higgins' Project Life album... not sure if they are available for sale right now, but if not, Becky is planning on having them for sale again in the near future. I began this on Jan.1, but you could certainly begin at any point in your year.

::Friday 3/26
This photo is blurry and Caleb is partially obscured, but it is so typical of life here, now that I had to include it. (Plus I think it was the only photo I took that day!). Great Dane puppy Dude is now 6 mos old and still reminiscing about being a lap-puppy! He had to climb right up and make himself "at home" with Caleb on his chair. Dude's expression is so funny!

::Saturday 3/27
Jon was so proud of his domino creation.

::Sunday 3/28
I think I actually took this photo on Monday, but I didn't have a picture from Sunday, so there you go.... I love Tom's boots and captured this impromptu shoe portrait.

::Monday 3/29
More spring on the farm with nine boys... an adorable ring neck snake! I always end up feeling a little sorry for the creatures that the boys discover. They aren't deliberately unkind to them, but still!

::Tuesday 3/30
My view out of the kitchen window this morning as I had my quiet time with the Lord. What a lovely way to begin my day!

::Wednesday 3/31
A day we have been awaiting for some time here.... oldest brother Nate's visit home on vacation from the Army!

::Thursday 4/1
Today was pea planting day here. The past few weeks have been wet (both from rain and large amounts of snow!) that we are a little late getting our peas in, but today we were able to get 'er done. Mmmmmm We can hardly wait for those fresh sweet snap peas! Even the little boys helped poke the seeds into the ground.

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  1. Great photos this week. Your dog is just too funny and cute. Love his expression. Great domino creation. Happy for your family to have your son home for vacation. My husband just did our first planting too. It's been pretty warm for the last couple weeks. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  2. I enjoyed your photos. I love the dominos photo. Your photos make me long for a farm. Have a great week.

  3. Hi Susan. Wow, your pup is adorable. My dog, who is nearly 8 still tries to sit on my whenever he gets the chance, and he is also big. A lab X ridgeback! Oh you must be so happy to have your son back for a bit (i can't imagine what it must be like having to say goodbye to a son!!). Thanks so much for all your help and advice on the all those wonderful photography sites, they have helped me tremendously!! Have a fabulous week further!

  4. Your pictures each tell a story. Love the one of your son coming home, and the first one! How funny when I first looked I didn't see the one behind the dog. So, a dog with long boy legs was a bit confusing for a minute. Guess I need my tea!

  5. My bother is getting ready to deploy in Janurary 2011. Tell Nate thanks for serving our great country!

  6. I look forward to your photos every week because they always offer such an honest look into your life. The pup on the lap, the shoes, the snake (which made me shudder a bit, I'm not gonna lie). All such wonderful moments to capture.

  7. Just as you are amazed at quickly the weeks go by, I am amazed that I probably always comment the same way ~ I SO enjoy these posts Susan! (Sound familiar??) Anyway, they are lovely "glimpses" into life in your home and you will be SO glad you did this project!! I am totally inspired to join in too. At the moment we have other things "on the go", but I am bookmarking the link for future reference.

    Have a lovely week my friend!

  8. I've been admiring your style and photos from afar, since we've starting sharing PL photos through Jessica's blog. You have a beautiful family and home, and your photography is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing...I've been inspired! :)

  9. I had a good laugh over your boys catching wild creatures :-) Too funny!
    Today our kiddos all came running in over a turtle in our yard. We get them every year. This year they snatched up this poor turtle and put it upstairs in our aquarium with our turtle. They were all so excited but I can't help but wonder if the poor turtle crossing our yard is as excited :-]

    I love the boot picture~

    And your son getting our of the car being met with hugs and smiles :-) precious~


  10. I'm not sure I've ever seen the words "adorable" and "snake" in the same sentence before. :) Great picture of Nate getting a proper welcome home.

  11. ~thanks Dawn! Hope your garden is growing well. I know we've had lots of rain this past week!

    ~Nancy, thanks! Wish you could come visit us here on our little farm!

    ~Rene`~ Wow! You have a big dog too! I'm glad the photography sites were helpful~ have fun practicing!

    ~ Pam, I agree, that is a confusing picture! Funny, but definitely confusing! Hope you have a great week!

    ~Bev... I'll tell Nate~ please tell *your* brother thanks as well!

    ~ Sarah~ sorry that the snake photo made you jump! He was actually quite small and nice. ; )

    ~Camille~ as always, thanks so much for your encouragement... I really do appreciate it. I hope you can do something like Project Life in the future~ we have/are really, really enjoying it here. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

    ~Leslie! Hi! So nice to "meet" you here! Your kind comments are much appreciated!

    ~Cinnamon~ yea, you know what the wild animal "collecting" is like, I'm sure. Sometimes I think we should have warnings posted for the animals that venture onto our property! LOL!

    ~Hi Debbie! Yep, that little snake really was adorable! ; ) And the hug that I pictured was just one of many that we showered Nate with while he was here. Alas, he had to leave today. : ( We miss him. Hope you have a great Thursday!



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