Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project Life 4/16- 4/22

I'm still working on Project Life here.... an album chronicling life here using a photo a day for a year, plus some journaling. This past week I also did an intensive week of photo taking and documenting what our life is like here right now called "A Week in the Life." (posts from the week are here.) If you have been reading as I posted those photos, you might see some duplicates~ sorry! I almost didn't post my Project Life photos here this week for that reason, but decided that I would anyway because it does help me keep up with that project.

So, without further adieu, here are the photos from April 16-22:

::Friday April 16
An eventful day here~ not only was it Gabe's 15th birthday, but Jacob got his driver's license too! Wow!

::Saturday 4/17/2010
Love the red bud tree outside of our bathroom window!

::Sunday April 18/2010
Hard to believe it, but Hannah graduates from high school this year! Here is one of the senior photos that we took.

::Monday 4/19/2010
Hannah and Abbie teach with Child Evangelism Fellowship in a local public school. What a privilege for them to share the Good News in that setting!

::Tuesday 4/20/2010

Our new resident griller~ Gabriel! He does a great job, and I am glad to have help cooking!

::Wednesday 4/21/2010
Miss Hannah helping me weed in my beloved herb garden. She loved to sew and wear Regency era clothing~ so pretty!

::Thursday 4/22/2010
Timmy + rain = pure springtime delight

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Planning to be back soon with something other than our photography posts! I appreciate you checking in and reading~ really I do!


  1. great pictures this week. How exciting he got his driver's licence.

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your photography projects~ So neat to see everyone in their daily living!


  3. Great pictures. I especially love the one of your daugther in the garden with her "renaissance" attire. It would be lovely in black and white, I bet!

  4. Love it. Love the ones of Hannah. How pretty in the garden all dresses so quaint. We also have a 15 yr. old: today. No graduates this year, but one young man going to training for CEF clubs and fairs in summer. (All of the kids have had a turn).
    Grilling: we did that tonite too!

  5. Susan, I have been LOVING your posts on Project Life. I am so inspired to do this, even during this time of affliction, I want it documented because everyday, even the unexpected one are such a gift from HIM!

    I am so glad to have met you, Susan, you are a dear woman! My life is richer for having 'met' you! One day I do hope to hug you in person!!

  6. Susan,
    I'm loving your posts. I had not checked your blog in a few days (or so I thought) and boy have you been blogging! So fun to read and look at your photos!

  7. Dear Susan ~ I always enjoy your "photgraphy posts" as you call them...they are lovely! AND your Hannah is also lovely...I especially like the pic of her tending the garden...so pretty!


  8. HI Susan . Great photos as usual. Wow, it must be quite scary for you your kids getting so grown up!! I know I want to put a brick on my boy's head's already and they are only 10, 8 & 2!! Have a great week further!


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