Monday, April 12, 2010

Project Life 4/2- 4/8


nother week of Project Life here... I just got back in town today from a fabulous trip out West with Abbie to visit my parents and do some hiking. I'm really tired, but I did want to get this uploaded before heading to bed tonight. We've got a lot to do tomorrow!

Here are the pictures that I chose this week:

::Friday 4/2
My beloved Nana's 95th birthday! We all went to visit her. The children were so excited to bring cards that they made, some special birthday brownies, and to sing "happy birthday" to her. Thanks so much for praying... she is making gradual improvement after her fall.

::Saturday 4/3
An impromptu photo on our front porch~ love catching the littler boys like this!

::Sunday 4/4 Easter
I was so excited to have not only Nate home for Easter this year (on a short vacation from the Army), but also oldest daughter Micah and her husband Joshua! It is less and less often that I have everybody together so I really cherish those times when we do.

::Monday 4/5
I began taking a photo each day from our front porch, looking down into the woods so I could see how the landscape changes with spring's approaching this year. Here you can see the bushes really beginning to green up.

::Tuesday 4/6
Captured moment: Nate and Tom having a serious discussion. Love seeing my son so grown up~ a man who loves the Lord. Plus, check out the Vibram Five Finger shoes! Too funny!

::Wednesday 4/7
Great Dane puppy Dude was unhappy that we didn't let him in when he wanted in... so he pulled one of my flats of lettuce off of the table on our porch and shredded it! I was pretty sad as I had started those plants from seed and nurtured them along this far, but fortunately it was only a partial flat and they are, after all, just seedlings. Not really a big deal. Having a puppy around is like having a toddler in the house again!

::Thursday 4/8
Today Abbie and I left on our great adventure out West to visit my parents. I'm sorting through photos and hope to post some more in the next few days once I get everybody busy with school, etc. We had so much fun and saw some incredibly diverse parts of Arizona. Amazing amazing Creator we serve, yes?

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  1. I love to see the chronicling of your life! Especially touching to have Nate baby brother is in Officer Training School for the Navy, then off to Flight School. You must be so proud of him.

  2. Oh it's soo good to have you back :-) I was just thinking today "I miss Susan's pictures" :-)

    I love the picture of all the children!! Precious. And the one of the "boys" on the porch, excellent!

    But my most favorite has to be of Daddy and Nate!! That picture says so much about their relationship :-)

    Looking forward to seeing all your pictures and hearing about your adventures out West :-)


  3. Happy Birthday to your Nana, glad she's doing better. The three boys on swing is sweet. Love the picture of EVERYBODY at the table those are my favorites. Happy for your family having Nate there and enjoying his time with you. The trees/bushes keep changing in my yard also, love spring time. Have a great week.

  4. Dear Susan ~

    Welcome HOME!! How wonderful that you had the opportunity to go on a little trip with your Abbie! Precious times and memories!

    Your photo of the dog's angry mess was will laugh in years to come ~ although it is sad about your lettuce! :(

    Your Nana looks so HAPPY to be surrounded with your children ~ what a blessing!!

    It's always a joy to visit here! Have a wonderful week my friend!

    With Love,

  5. I can't believe how huge your family is Susan!! Family gatherings must be so festive!! Glad to see your Nana is doing well. I find puppies more difficult than kids! Have a great week further. x

  6. Oh I do so enjoy your photos every week! Favorite from this week is hands down the family at the Easter table. Simply amazing to see that much love in one photo. I also am drawn to the photo of the plane. It's been so long since I have been able to travel anywhere, so I find that one just gorgeous.

  7. GREAT pictures!! Loved your family picture...

    Praying for Nate as he serves our country.

    I have a son in the military too.


  8. Your pictures are So AMAZING! Thanks for sharing them and giving us glimpses into your life!

  9. Hi Kathy!How exciting that your brother gets to go to flight school! Please tell him "thanks for serving our country" for us. I appreciate military more and more now that our son is in. : )

    ~Cinnamon~ I've really been enjoying your photos as well! What do you think of your new camera?

    ~Hi Amy! Thanks!

    ~Dawn... hope you are enjoying spring there as well! Thanks for stopping by!

    ~Camille~ Thanks! I'm glad to be back. Traveling is such fun, but it's always good to be *home*!

    ~Hello Rene'! We do have fun at family gatherings, and I agree puppies can really try your patience. Good thing they are *so* cute!

    ~Sarah~Thanks! That family photo was totally impromptu... everybody just "crowded in" and we "called it good." And it was good. Not perfect, but still real life and good.

    ~Hi there Susan! I will pray for your son as well.

    ~busymomoften, Thanks for your encouragement. I really do appreciate it.

    ~Bev, nice to see you here! Thanks!



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