Monday, April 19, 2010

Project Life 4/9- 4/15


nother week passed, already? Here are the photos that I chose for my album that I am working on this year called Project Life. I choose one picture per day, add a little journaling and call it "done" each week. Such a wonderful snapshot of our lives right now. You can do this~ really!

::Friday 4/9/2010
Abbie and I are in Arizona visiting my parents. Exploring at Lake Powell near Page, AZ was really fun. The setting sun made taking photos a challenge.

::Saturday 4/10/2010
Hiking and photographing in "Canyon X." It was hard to narrow down my photo choice for today. We captured a lot of amazing images. If you would like to see more photos, you can read about our trip here and here!

::Sunday 4/11/2010

Hiking with my parents in Chiricahua National Park. The rock formations there are absolutely astounding!

::Monday 4/12/2010
Abbie and I are home again. One of the boys brought me this tiny "baby" leaf. So adorable! Spring is really coming!

::Tuesday 4/13/2010
Timmy takes great delight in choosing flowers for me. And I am totally delighted receiving them!

::Wednesday 4/14/2010
We celebrated Hannah's 18th birthday.... several days late due to my travels, but still had so much fun. I thought the lighting from the candles was really neat here, plus Timmy is clapping as we sing our family "Happy Birthday" song...

"A happy birthday to you,
a happy birthday to you,
may you feel Jesus near,
every day of the year!

A happy birthday to you,
A happy birthday to you,
and the best year you've ever had!"

::Thursday 4/15/2010
100 peeping cuties arrived today! These little guys will be in our freezer in about two months. We're enjoying their "cuteness" for now though.

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Also, I am so excited that this begins my week of documenting our life in detail for seven days! You can read more here about "A Week in the Life." You could, of course start this any time. What a great project to have to look back on~ documenting God's faithfulness in our everyday lives~ fabulous!


  1. Love these. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Excellent glimpses of life being lived and cherished.

  2. What fun you've been having :-) I love the birthday song and the little clapping hands :-) sweetness!

    Okay 100 chickens in the freezer :-0 how many freezers do you have? How long do they last you? I think I feel a post coming from all these questions :-)


  3. How lovely your picture choices are this week Susan! Your Hannah is beautiful and the look on her face is priceless! I think you did a great job with the setting sun in the first shot and those little chicks are SOOO adorable! Timmy's a little charmer ~ I have one of those precious!! :)


  4. I love your pictures! That first shot was amazing - I thought it looked familiar. I live in Phoenix, so when I read the text, it made sense. Regardless, it was a great picture!

  5. Your pictures from Arizona are beautiful, love them all. Thanks for posting the rest somewhere else for us to look at. That's a beautiful 18 year old daughter you have, great picture with the cake, love that you can see Timmy's happy face while singing. That leaf is so cute and always nice when they pick us flowers.

    I'm also doing a "week in the life". This is my first time but doing great so far, love keeping these everyday hour by hour memories for us to treasure. Have fun and hope you will post something if you can. Have a great week!!

  6. Hey Susan. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Your photos of it are wonderful. I love the tiny leaf shot. Hope you have a great week further!

  7. Love you photos once again this week! I think my fave is of the cutie with the dandelions. Isn't it so fitting that children see them as flowers, but we adults see weeds? Ah, to have the vision of a child once again.

  8. What awesome pictures!! I enjoyed each one...


  9. Great pictures this week. Love the chickies and the dandilions.

  10. Ooh-- cute chickies soon to be in the freezer :-(


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