Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Week in the Life- Friday

A Week in the Life.... Friday!

6:30am a loud thunderstorm woke everyone up. I like snuggling in our warm cozy bed and listening to the rain and rumbles of thunder.

We had a slow-moving morning~ I spent some time in the Word then sat at the computer to pay bills. My thoughtful husband offered to run some errands and even make an Aldi run for us, so I made the grocery list then spent some time visiting with Tom about some things that he was learning about "church." Some really good stuff. Thought provoking.

My parents are back in town from spending the winter in Arizona~ yay! They stopped by and we enjoyed laughing and visiting with them....

Tom took Gabe along with him as he went to Aldi. While they were out, Gabe also took his driver's permit test! Gabe passed the test, but didn't pass the vision portion of the test, so I made an appointment for him to have his eyes examined and get glasses. There was a cancellation Saturday, so we will be able to get him in right away.

Some kitchen helpers... (note the beanie baby Jay... no idea why Daniel is giving me "the look!")

Working on some oven fries for lunch...

Tom and Gabe leave to run more errands. I continue the perpetual job of laundry.

The sun came out in the afternoon~ everything is *so* green from all the rain!

Daniel: "Mom! Look! I have Jake's hat on! Please take my picture and then write: This is the day in which Daniel wore Jake's hat and it was very good that Jacob was not around!"

Isn't 5 a fun age?

I began putting together a new page for my desk journal. Planning a post about these journals next week or in the near future.

We have had so much rain the past few days that my seedlings which were hardening off on the porch were drowning! I had to rescue them by pouring the extra water off of the flats.

We were recently given an adorable miniature horse, Miss Stella. The children spent some time brushing her.... she is really spoiled by all of the attention she receives here, and Great Dane puppy Dude (now 7 months old) adores her. I think he might end up being bigger than she is!

My hammered dulcimer. No, I can't really say that I play it. I have in the past, and I think that I may be entering a season where I can make time to practice again now that our "baby" Timmy is three. I do love my dulcimer...

Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs. The meal started out with a great semblance of order, but ended in a (good-natured) food fight!

A little after dinner sister fun during clean up time...

I heard the little boys laughing on the porch and when I asked what was so funny I was told, amid much giggling that they were imagining how funny it would be if someone swallowed their false teeth! I have *no* idea where that came from!

Oldest son Nate called to talk to Tom. Love having older children who love the Lord.

Lovin' and livin' a full life here~ hope your days are blessed as well!


  1. I came home from having a night out with my oldest dtr and logged in and there you had done it again, posted your Friday already....I am feeling so late and behind but seeing that you've posted makes me hurry and do it :-)

    I love the pictures of you living life. I think it's important to not only photograph my family but me for them to see as well. I have so little pictures of my mother when she was younger.

    Blessings to you dear friend~ Cinnamon

  2. I smiled at your perpetual laundry. I am thankful for resting from laundry on Sundays! Thank you, Lord! Hope you have a wonderful Lord's day. I'm sure Tom learned lots of things at the seminar! I really do love seeing snapshots of your life. Thank you so much for sharing!


  3. I haven't had much Blog reading time but I'm glad I stole some tonight to read your post. Your son Daniel is too funny! What he told you to write was too cute. Congrats on the new pony!

  4. ~Cinnamon, I agree... it's hard to include myself in the photos, but I think it will be good to look back on.

    ~Susan~ thanks friend~ you are so encouraging!

    ~Kristy~ Thanks for taking the time to leave such an encouraging comment~ I appreciate it!


  5. You're very welcome.. *hugs to you mama*


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