Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Week in the Life- Monday

This week I am working on "A Week in the Life." You can read about this photographic project here. I am planning to post photos here each day just to help me stay on top of sorting them, etc.

Here are some of the photos that I took yesterday....

This is actually not a "typical" week for us as Tom is attending a Church Planter's conference for a few days. This necessitated me getting up pretty early to give him a ride to the airport.

This photo sorta' sums up how I felt most of the day running on 6ish hours of sleep...

Dropped Tom off.... we kept delaying saying "good-bye".... I'm *so* glad that Tom doesn't usually travel. We really don't "do" this being apart thing very well!

I drove home in the dark and prayed for his trip, for our time apart, for our family and listened to KLove. That resulted in some good praise and worship time during my 50 min drive. It was fun to watch the sky brighten in the east.

Once I arrived home (everyone was still sleeping!) I started some laundry

Then sat down to have my quiet time with the Lord. Today I was studying "the refreshment of true repentance" (Joel 2:12-13, Acts 3:19-20 and other verses as well.) I am working through the excellent Bible study The Lord's Table by Mike Cleveland.

It wasn't long before everyone was up and busy for the day (7am).... we had granola, yogurt (made from our goat's milk) and goat's milk for breakfast today. That's pretty much our standard breakfast in the spring/summer here.

Our kitchen sink.... love this! Red bud tree in bloom, flowers on the windowsill~ life here.

Once breakfast was done we worked on Scripture memory. We are reviewing re-memorizing Titus right now. So much good stuff there!

The younger children are almost totally done with their school books for the year, but we are still working on math facts, reading, their math lessons (which most of them do independently on the computer using Teaching Textbooks) and a Geography text which we are working on together.

Daniel was so proud of his math worksheet today!

While the boys work on their math facts and handwriting, I spent some time updating our homeschool records on my computer. (I use Edu-Track) I also checked my email then... I usually don't read email/blogs this early, but we are almost done with school for the year, so I am being a little more lax than usual.

At 10:00 I followed Jake up to get the wiring fixed on our pickup/trailer that the boys use for their mowing business. We dropped off the truck and I wished that Tom was with me. Jake (16) does a good job, but I had the distinct feeling that we were going to be charged more than we would if Tom had been here to do this.

Back at home we complete some school work and grade some lessons then it is time for lunch. I forgot to photograph this! Just leftovers~ some roasted veggies, etc.

We are all loving this spring weather here. A view from our farmhouse front porch.

Timmy discovered the joy of blowing dandelions seeds!

The truck/trailer place called and told us we could come pick up our vehicle. Ran back up there with Jake (who just got his driver's license!) I love having a new driver in our house, but it's scary as well. Drivers um, "lack discretion" pretty often in our area. I think their idols are either gang members or NASCAR drivers. Anyway.... I get to learn more about praying.

While the children finish up lunch, I sneak out for a quick 15mi bike ride. I love riding my bike~ it's my "go to" exercise right now. I try to mix it up by running/walking fast a couple days each week, but bicycling is my favorite. I forgot to take a photo of my bike so I'll probably take one later today and use it in my album this week.

Jon found a toad this afternoon. Poor thing! ; ) Actually he is gentle, I just think the toad would probably rather not be bothered.

At 4:15 I took Hannah and Abbie to teach a "Good News Club" with Child Evangelism Fellowship at a local grade school. Love that they can do this. I had Jake drive so he could practice and see where they taught.

Once home, I started Pizza Stromboni for dinner... no, not gluten free. Josh (who is our only Celiac at home now) likes to make his own personal GF pizza.

Our new laying hens which I purchased last fall have just started laying eggs this week! Yay! I've really missed having fresh eggs! The white ones are from Sams, the pretty green and brown ones are from our hens!

Once dinner was started, I checked email again, then went back to pick up the girls.

I was really tired from getting up so early, so as soon as the little boys were in bed and I called to talk with Tom (several times actually!) I went to bed too. Whew!

These photos will go into a "Week in the Life" album. I am planning on making four pages for each day this week. Honestly, with so many people in our family, I could probably do more pages/day, but I want to complete this, so that's how I going at it. I'm just trying to be aware of what photos I have taken so I can include everyone, perhaps not each day, but throughout the week anyway.

I'm going to try to post some pictures of the completed album next week~ we'll see how life cooperates!

I'm off to live/document the rest of today with my sweet children!



  1. Oh I love peeking into "life" at home :-)

    I have bought my album for my photo's to go in and I have lots and markers in which to write down all my thoughts. But I think I will do the online bloggy version too. I like yours~


  2. I am enjoying your daily life posts. I found you from Cinnamon's blog.

    I have a question...your girls are doing the Good News Club. I have been thinking of doing something with our neighbor hood kids as none of them go to church nor have a Bible in their homes. I would love to use some time to minister to them ( although my kids do this already by letting know we "don't say that" "we honor the Lord"...). Would you mind sharing a little more on this club with me? My e-mail is tinalovesaj@gmail.com

    Love the toad picture! Looks like it could be my son!

  3. What a lovely post Susan! I *love* your porch photo!! Soooo pretty!! What a busy beginning of the week for you with that VERY EARLY start! I trust you will find the LORD's help and grace throughout the days with your hubby gone.



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