Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week in the Life- Sunday

Wow! What a project "A Week in the Life" has been! Way harder than I anticipated, but much more rewarding too. Here are some of the photos I took on Sunday. I found some of the photography to be more challenging later in the week... it was raining so we spent less time outdoors. Plus, honestly I haven't felt well all week (and no, I'm not expecting! I would *love* to be able to announce that, but I'm not.)

So here's a glimpse into Sunday here...

Some family time in the Word:

Later, the resident "cleaning crew" in action as we prepare to have a family over to eat:

Adorable sheep~ a gift from my mother:

BBQ'd chicken for lunch:

Tim and his friend Lilly:

Prep for an afternoon nap:

Some things I do when I'm not feeling up to par:
  • extra time in the Word.
  • slow down... sleep "in" (really late, like 7:30am!)
  • take a nap when I can squeeze one in
  • take lots of photos.... helps me to slow down and delight in the many everyday ways that I'm blessed.
  • exercise: 15mi on bike or jog almost every day
  • give myself lots of extra grace.... this too will pass
Captured on a little afternoon/evening walk:

Just before I walked into the house, I saw Tom, through the window, totally engrossed in his Bible... this is so typically "Tom." Even when we were dating, 24 years ago, I frequently found him this way:

When I came indoors, Miss Hannah was cutting out an apron pattern:

On many Sunday evenings here we have popcorn, fruit and cheese:

In the evening, Tom and I stopped by my parents' house for some fellowship and counsel about some things~ *love* that my parents love the Lord and we can go to them for godly wisdom.

This week I hope to assemble this album.... I'll post some completed album pictures if I can.

Thanks for reading along this past week!


  1. Dear Susan,

    I loved all your pictures from the last 3 days. Your pictures come out so beautiful, you have great lighting inside and outside. Always love seeing your family. Glad your parents came for a visit, such happy times. The food looks so good thru all your posts too. I had fun doing this witl project. My kids were tired of pictures on Saturday though. Yesterday was a great day though. Enjoy your week.

  2. Susan,
    I have LOVED getting to read/see these posts! What a fun blessing! You have a beautiful family and I have been so encouraged and pointed to the cross multiple times. Thank you. I loved reading about your boys giggling on the's wonderful to see siblings who love one another and spend time together. I know that brings glory to God. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  3. ~Dawn, I enjoyed your witl project as well. It felt strange to put the camera down today! Well I did use it a *little*!

    ~J... thanks. humbly appreciate of your kind comments~ any good you see, I am convinced it is all grace, all the Lord's doing.


  4. Susan~ I loved your day, yet again. Some of my favorite photos were your dtr cutting out her apron and your husband through the window~ So special!


  5. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading your words! :)


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