Friday, April 23, 2010

A Week in the Life- Thursday

Week in the Life, day four... still working on this. This has been time consuming, but rich as I photographically document life here and, as a result, notice so much that I would usually pass by, without a second glance. Each day when I download my pictures I am always surprised.... both by the breadth of what happened here in a totally normal day, but also by how much a series of photos can capture. This daily thing.... this life~ how amazing it is to be able to freeze the reality of relationships and of us growing and maturing as we do such ordinary things as cook, clean, laugh and relate to those we love.

So anyway, here's Thursday at our house:

Honestly this week has been a hard one for me in some ways, blessed but hard. I just haven't felt well, plus I've desperately missed my honey. (Tom was at this conference in Orlando)

A good friend gave us a bunch of clothes and a huge bag of fabric. The boys were thrilled to get to look through the bags.... it's like Christmas to them. Thanks Jo-Ann!!

A little early morning sweeping....

About 10:00 am it started to rain.

We needed a new batch of granola.

Some school work completed.

It wasn't long until the boys had to go play in the little creek that runs fast through our yard when it rains.

A mid-morning snack...

Rainy kitchen window...

Back in the kitchen to make some bread.

Too dark today for a good picture, but yummy raisin bread on a cool rainy day...

Creative fun on a rainy afternoon...

Beans cooking for taco salad dinner.

In the evening, the boys enjoyed listening to Focus on the Family radio theater.... totally engrossing.

Finally it was time to leave for the airport to go get Tom! Yay! Jake, Gabe and Abbie rode along with me. We listened to the "Father Gilbert Mysteries" by Focus on the Family on the way there (a 55 min. drive). Theses are really good, but most definitely for an older audience.

I'm so glad to have Tom home again! I've got more to share here, but we're in the midst of living our Friday, so I need to go.

Honestly I have struggled a little with these posts this week.... afraid it is way too much about me/us. But I have *really* enjoyed reading about other people's "Week in the Life" (Cinnamon's posts have been great!), so I am continuing work on this and hope that in posting this I have been an encouragement to someone.


  1. I for one have enjoyed visiting you is lovely to "see" you and to "hear" your heart through your posts. How precious that your Hubby is HOME!! Yaay! AND...those Focus on the Family Theatre productions are fabulous, aren't they? :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Susan,
    I just love love coming here and reading and your wonderful pictures alaways puts me in a good mood. I love all the rain pictures they came out so clear and beautiful. All that food you made on this and last post is making me hungry for a snack. I am so happy you are doing this and I think you are doing a great job at recording your family. I'm glad Tom is home with you now,so nice when your together. You look amazing by the way for having 12 kids, love your blue skirt. Have a good weekend.

  3. I love visiting with you and have been encouraged by your daily life! I have had bursts of energy this week and days of encourages my heart to see you in your daily life. Family and friends are coming to visit for the next few weeks, I'm always glad but right now I'm tired!

    I'm glad Tom is home and it looks like you did great in spite of missing him. I'm sure he will enjoy all the pictures, too! Keep it up, I'm loving it!

  4. Why is it that I *love* everything you have :-) Maybe we're sisters (and we just don't know it :-0 ) and that's why you pick everything for your kitchen, yard, clothes that I love :-) ~smile~

    It's funny, when I see you on my blog list, and that you've updated I think to myself....'eeeks I need to hurry and do mine' :-)

    YOU are an encouragement to me~

    Glad hubby is home!


  5. Oh, I love your pictures!!! You encourage me!! After a crazy week at our home your pictures bring peace - reminding me to take time for the small details!! (I noticed you framed your chalk board - the frame is really cute!!) We also love Teaching Textbook for math - it makes my life so much easier! I checked out your recomemdation for geography and I think I'm going to used it next year - it looks fun and interesting.

  6. ~Camille, I've noticed that you and your family like the FOF Radio Theater too~ they are *really* well done, aren't they?

    ~Dawn, thanks! I noticed that you are working on WITL too~ I think we'll really enjoy having this to look back on, don't you?

    ~Susan~ hello friend! I will be praying that your time with family and friends. I know how good that is... but it can certainly be tiring too~ especially when you are expecting!

    ~Cinnamon~ *you* encourage me too! And yes, I think we must be sisters who just found each other. I appreciate you, friend!

    ~momoftots~ thanks for the encouragement! Yes, we finally did get our chalkboard framed and I really like it~ now to get some paint on it! Always something to do.....



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