Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week in the Life- Tuesday


till working on my "Week in the Life" album. You can read about this project here. I am *really* enjoying this... the process of really looking at our life has been so cool. Here are some of the photos that I took yesterday. Not all will necessarily make it into the album. I'll make final decisions about which to include next week.

::Tuesday 4/20/2010
I was up early Tuesday, spent some good time in the Word, then tackled laundry. I made a huge tactical error when I washed a cleaning rag which had some heavy-duty engine degreaser on it with the rest of our towels. The whole load smells terrible! Even after three washings in the hottest water.

I cleaned up the kitchen and started the dishwasher before breakfast... (funny how we can have the kitchen totally clean after dinner, but by morning I almost always need to run another load in the dishwasher or wash quite a few things by hand.)

The children were up at 7... older boys have animals to care for outside (goats to milk, chickens, etc.) the other children have house responsibilities which are done with varying degrees of diligence. So I check the work and encourage the "faint-hearted."

Breakfast today was Pineapple Coffee Cake. Yummy!

Rain is forcasted for the next few days, so I give the littlest boys the morning off from school work so they can help me with some yard work... pulling weeds, etc. I am always amazed how quickly they can work. I like to work alongside them when I can so we can have fun together and have the opportunities to discuss things like "taming the flesh" and "diligence." Good stuff.

The older boys have a lawn mowing business. They left to mow four lawns... trying to beat wet weather as well.

In the afternoon Jake and I went for a run... 3 mi. I still can't run the whole distance without stopping, but I'm getting better. Honestly, I hate running, but I know that it is good for me to cross train, so I do run. I think part of the reason I dislike it so much is that I'm not very good at it! I have learned to push myself to work really hard on my bike, but have to learn to push myself harder when I run. Not only is it good for my health, but I *love* getting to spend some one-on-one time with Jake too.

Speaking of running, the pup likes to run! Our Great Dane puppy, Dude thinks the greatest game in the world is "I grab my toy and you chase me." He is amazingly fast... even my older boys have trouble catching him.

We hung the hummingbird feeders today...

When I got back from my run, I helped some of the older children with their school work, graded some papers and then started some bread.

Here are some other glimpses of our afternoon:

We had hamburgers and organic roasted baby potatoes for dinner. Gabe is our resident "griller" right now.

Josh, captured. Funny "hat" and all.

Just living our lives here... and capturing the everyday moments. Desiring to glorify Him in all we do.


  1. Dear Susan,
    What a blessing it is to read about what a day looks like for you. I always enjoy reading your blog and am always encouraged afterward.

  2. Such a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing. And a special thanks to a link for that pineapple coffeecake that looks divine:)

    God Bless

  3. Great shots of the "everyday" Susan! I love the way your aprons look hanging on that country wooden hook rack in the kitchen! :)


  4. I have enjoyed going through your week so far. Thanks for sharing.

    I am new here. How long do you school for? Year Round, Summer off?

  5. Your life has such a nice flow and easily switched around. I love that!

    My dtr, Miss Gracie, saw the picture of the dog and wanted to know how many acres you have? :-)

    What a lovely day~

    We got rain last night and this morning :-(


  6. I'm so happy your doing this project too so I can see more pictures of your family and home and those beautiful flowers you have. I just love love all your pictures, don't know how you manage to pick only one a day. The journaling you put on each one is always so touching and sweet too. Can't wait to see your end result. I'm having fun taking pictures and journaling also. Haven't posted all of mine yet though only two. Have a fun week with this!!!

  7. ~Donna, *thanks* I really appreciate your kind comments!

    ~legendswife~ I think you'll really enjoy the Pineapple Coffee cake~ it's a real treat!

    ~Camille~ thanks! I have this "thing" for aprons. We really give them a workout here... cooking, gardening, collecting eggs, etc. Love using them!

    ~No Ordinary Me, Hi! Nice to meet you here! When my children were younger we did school year round, now that I have older children who get busy with lawn mowing businesses etc they work to complete their books, then have time off from "official" school. Of course they are "learning" as they work their business, etc. I do keep the younger children occupied with some basics throughout the summer though. It helps to have some structure in our days and also helps them remember math facts and reading skills, etc.

    ~Cinnamon! (loving your photos too, btw!) Tell Miss Gracie that we have 6 acres here. It's pretty fun, for sure. Looks like you are in a rural area... are you on any land?

    ~Dawn~ What a fun project, huh? I'm glad you are playing along as well. Thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate it!



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