Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Week in the Life


his coming Monday, the 19th of April I will begin a week of photos and journaling about our life. Inspired by Ali Edwards, I will be taking lots of photos of our normal daily life here and then completing a small album (I think I'm going with an 8 1/2" x 11" 3 ring binder size) at the end of the week documenting what life is like here right now.

You could, of course begin this project at any time, but I know that if I wait for a "perfect" week, I'll never begin.

You can read more about this simple and totally "doable" idea here and here and here on Ali Edwards blog. I am hoping to post my photos/journaling here each day (or as I am able with my other responsibilities) and then showing the completed album the next week.

One of the things that I find valuable about this type of project, other than the obvious delight that looking back on something like this brings, is the opportunity to "see" what we are doing from a different perspective. When I photograph normal everyday life here, it inevitably causes me to rejoice in some things (what an abundance of blessings I am sure to become aware of!) and see other things that I would like to change. And that can be very good.

Please don't think that your life is too "boring" or mundane to warrant this type of project! I was talking with my oldest daughter today who has been marred almost two years about "A Week in the Life," and as I spoke with her I realized how fun it would be if I had something like this to look back on from when Tom and I were first married. What did I like to cook? What were gas prices? What kind of things did I receive in the mail? What was I studying in God's Word at the time? What things were on my heart? I would *love* to look back on that! It's those little everyday life things that you think you will never forget as you live them, that you do forget, and so quickly too!

Charge those camera batteries and let's purposefully live our lives to God's glory!

::photos: a little taste of spring around here today.....


  1. Hello Susan! I just noticed that your flowers, in your header, look just like the ones my dtr plucked out of our yard today :-)

    I agree, I would love to have a photo album of life "back then". You've got my curiosity going now, I will go over and peek at Ali's blog.

    Love the pictures~ Cinnamon

  2. Hi! I've been following for a little while - I think it was your kitchen addition that caught me since we are considering one. Love your blog. I think the idea to journal a week is a great one, so thanks for the link.

  3. ~Hi Cinnamon! The flowers in my header are violets! I know that spring is on the way when we begin to find them here! Let me know if you do the "week in a life" album... I'd love to see what you photograph and write, if you care to share!

    ~Carmen... Hi! So good to "meet" you here! I'd love to hear if you take this project on as well. I think it can be so helpful to see what other people photograph and how they document life. Thanks for commenting!


  4. What gorgeous pictures Susan! AND what a great idea to chronicle a week in your life through photography! Another inspiring thought ~ thanks for sharing. I will look forward to your pics and what you share with us. :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I love love love your pictures! SO pretty <3


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