Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project Life 4/30-5/1


warm welcome to everyone visiting from Ali's blog. So many beautiful examples of "A Week in the Life" albums were featured there yesterday and today.

I am still working on finishing my album.... all I need to do is add the journaling that I wrote down each day. I hope to do that in the next few days. Here are a few pages from the album as it is now....

Now for another week's worth of photos for my "Project Life" album. Not to be confused with my "Week in the Life" album! LOL! For this album, I am simply taking a photo a day and slipping it into a large 12" x 12" album and adding some journaling for each photo. I can't begin to tell you how much I am already enjoying this album~ a fabulous glimpse into our (very normal) lives right now. If I can do this, I'm sure you can. No time-consuming embellishments, just an emphasis on the photos and journaling.

Friday 4/30/2010
Jon's eighth birthday. What a fun age! One of our quieter children, Jon is incredibly tender-hearted toward both his siblings and the Lord. Love watching him grow up, but physically and spiritually.

::Saturday 5/1/2010
The boys discovered that they could race their little cars on the table in my herb garden (which really, really needs to be repainted!) They discovered that if they aimed carefully, they could drive the cars into the hole in the middle of the table~ what fun!

::Sunday 5/2/2010
Believe it or not, this really was a light-hearted, fun family game of football here. Jacob looks incredibly intense, but Caleb is still alive and smiling. Having 9 boys in the family can make for some really competitive games!

::Monday 5/3/2010
Just to show you Jake's "other side"... I caught this picture of him climbing a tree. See? He *really* is nice, not as mean as he looks in the above photo!

::Tuesday 5/4/2010
An impromptu family photo. I decided that I needed a quick picture to go in the front of my "A Week in the Life" album. Everyone was so good-natured to gather-round for this picture. I put my camera on a tripod, set the timer then sprinted back to the deck to slide into place. We had several pretty funny pictures as I almost tripped over Great Dane puppy "Dude" trying to get into the photo before the camera "clicked!"

::Wednesday 5/5/2010
My roses are loving this spring weather....

::Thursday 5/6/2010
Do you remember how fun it is to run as fast as you can down a hill? Jon and Dan were running as fast as they could here~ pure fun!

::Bonus photo
I decided to include this picture of Dan as well this week~ so cute! I sized it to go into one of the smaller "journaling" pockets included on each page. "Look Mom! Take my picture! A green and a brown egg!"

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Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!


  1. Oh dear, Susan...:) I missed your giveaway on the journaling books, and absolutely loved the idea. so I actually went out and purchased the books to "think" about getting started. Then I see tonight's entry! So a "Week in the Life" is "weekly" photos and journaling, and "Day in the Life" in just one pic per day with journaling, to go through the year???
    I made the mistake of trying to do scrapbook albums for each of my children, and I must be ten years behind and three children completely unaccounted for...I would LOVE to do something, but am a bit fearful of failure :)
    I know this isn't the first time you've been asked, but how do you get all this done in addition to raising/educating your children? It's true, I think you're amazing, friend!

  2. Wow Susan. You have a lot of kids! (just something my kids would have said! LOL!) What an excellent photographer, artist, and writer you are, my sister! Keep up the fabulous keepsakes.

  3. Oh I've missed your posts but I figured you were quite busy getting ready to leave.

    I thought of you today as I was making GF meatballs - yummy!

    I love Jake!! Both sides of him :-)

    I just started my journal for my week in the life, but my journal looks more like your project life journal. Love it all~


  4. You have such a beautiful family!!!

  5. Once again you have wonderful hearwarming pictures. Your photos come out so clear and beautiful. I love you week in the life alubm, looks great, mine is finished now. The action shots are so cool, all those boys. That's cute to show us both sides of Jake, my son has a "game face" when playing soccer I love it. That's a great family picture also.So funny with the two eggs, that's a keeper. Happy Birthday Jon, my son is 8 and thinks it's great. Have a great week Susan.

  6. You have a beautiful family!!! I love all the pictures and the album you are creating is fantastic! :) Wonderful memories you are capturing!!! :)

  7. Oh I love this idea, and think I must try it. What a great journal and photos of your week. Your family pic was great. Life in a big family is never dull, yet at the end of the day I at times forget all that we accomplished or the silly things that were said. This has inspired me to go back to journaling and give a try at this form of journaling for a week...thanks!

    Hope your having a fantastic week, you are very blessed.

  8. Okay, I think I am getting this now. So Project Life is different then the week in the life of. I totaly appreciate the pictures of your finished albums (as well as Ali's) I am visual!

    Now, for the Project life, do you print up the photo at home? Could you show us pictures of your Project life journal/album?

    LOVE these ideas.

  9. I love all of your ideas, your pictures, your writing, everything! You are so Creative and you take the Absolute Best Pictures! Would love to be there in your midst enjoying your fun family!

  10. How lovely Susan! SOOOOO many great shots of life as it happens! I especially like the "intense" one you captured of the football game! How fun! I have three boys and it gets rowdy enough around here at times...I can only imagine NINE!! ;-)

    I have been away with my family for the last 10 days and just am catching up with my blogging friends...I enjoyed my visit here today!


  11. ~Kathy~ Hi there! You know, that "I'm completely behind" feeling is debilitating! That's why I have fallen in *love* with my "Project Life" album this year. It is such an easy way to capture what life is like, right now for us. If I miss a day or two taking a photo I really don't worry about it. I just pick up where I left off and either fill in with an "extra photo" from another day or just put something else in that spot. It's perfect for large busy families like ours! And as far as "failure" goes, so what if you fail? Even if you only document a few weeks and then take some time off only to begin again, those are still photos/memories that you wouldn't have captured otherwise!

    Plus... I get overwhelmed and fail and don't "cover all the bases" just like you. It's ok~ He gives abundant grace!

    Hope you have a fabulous week, my my large family, farmhouse friend!

    ~Pam~ I totally know what you mean when you say "You've got a lot of kids!" I find myself thinking the same thing when I look at a photo like that one! LOL!

    ~Hey there Cinnamon! I love what you are doing with your "Week in the Life" album~ I might have already told you that, but my mommy brain can't remember! Anyway, I do! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    ~Paisley Jade~ nice to meet you here! Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

    ~Dawn~ Hi! I'm glad you could do a "Week in the Life" album too~ aren't they cool?

    ~Katy~ thanks for the encouraging comments, friend!

    ~Laura~ I think you will love the memories that you capture, in whatever form your journal takes on!

    ~Michelle~ Yes, for Project Life I do print my photos at home, but you could easily upload them to Sams or whatever photo printing service that you like. I will try to show some pictures of my "Project Life" album when I return from my trip.

    ~Busymomof10~ wouldn't that be fun if we could get our families together? BTW... I think your "character" series has been great! You do such a nice job on your blog.

    ~Camille, Yes, we definitely have some testosterone "in the air" around here! LOL! It's not boring, I'll say that!

    Thanks everyone!


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