Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Europe Trip, part 5... Bath

How about some more photos from our trip to Europe? (Here are links to part one, two, three and four if you haven't seen them yet)

Up today, our day trip from London to Bath. We traveled by both "The Tube" and by train. I know I've mentioned how much I enjoyed using London's subway system, but I'll just say it again... totally cool. (I'm easily amused) Check out this escalator to the subway! I wasn't even at the top when I took the photo... is that a long escalator, or what? It never ceased to amaze me how many people were running to catch the trains. I mean Olympic sprinting. So much so that signs on the escalators instructed those of us who were standing to stay to the right so the sprinters could pass on the left. (Actually the escalator sprinting looked like fun, but I really dislike being late, so I think I'd prefer to run for fun...)

The train station for our excursion this day was Paddington Station! Yes, the Paddington Station where Paddington Bear was found! So cool.

How about some "Piping hot Porridge?" So British... love it!

We saw quite a few of these bikes that fold up for traveling ease. And lots of businessmen riding those bikes.... in heavy traffic.... with suits and ties on!

I think that our day trip to Bath was Hannah's favorite place we visited. Not only were we able to tour the Roman baths, but also Bath was home to Jane Austin for 6 years.

There is currently a very fancy hotel and restaurant there on the grounds of the Roman baths. We ate lunch there, serenaded by beautiful live music (violin, cello and piano).

The huge sugar cubes on our table:
Now this is a chandelier! (I'll take two please, along with the 50 foot ceilings)

The vases on the tables were almost 3 feet tall, I think. Have you ever seen anything quite like them?

If you are brave, you can sample some of the famed mineral water. Is this not a most unusual fountain? The mineral water actually came out the the fountain (which was in the restaurant) into the fish's mouths. If you purchased a glass of water, it would have been gathered from that very fountain! So pretty! (and no, I passed on the water, which I understand might be good for you, but is an "acquired taste.")

We went on a tour of the Roman baths. Research has shown that the baths were built by 76AD. Amazingly enough, when they were excavated, without any repair work they still held water!

Originally there was a roof over this large pool and the water which would have kept the water crystal clear. Now it is exposed to the sunlight and has a greenish tint due to algae. It was still beautiful though.

On our way to the Jane Austin house, we passed this flower shop. Loved the outdoor flower shops that we passed so frequently!

Hannah's favorite stop; the Jane Austin Centre.

The items on display were interesting, but I found the 20 minute introductory talk to be the most informative and entertaining.

We walked past "The Circus," mentioned in several of Jane's books... a lovely circular high-rise apartment complex. Still quite expensive to live in, I understand. Very unusual and pretty.

Another lovely British sign:

And if you want your potato with the skin on, you want a "jacket potato" in Great Britain!

Since we loved to cram every possible destination into our travel plans, we also visited the Bath Abbey.

The Avon River runs through Bath. Not only is the river beautiful, but there is an interesting bridge over the river with shops right on the bridge!

Here are the shops:

And a view of them from the other side:

Lovely, yes?

Looking down river:

Loved these flower-filled pots lining the walkway by the river:

Next on our Europe tour: Windsor Castle... the Queen's "favorite weekend residence!"

We are all so excited here because oldest son Nate is coming home for a week tomorrow, on vacation from his Army assignment as a chaplain's assistant. Everybody is already planning lots of fun activities with him.... kayaking etc.

It just won't quit raining here. So many roads are closed, basements flooded, etc. My favorite bicycle path is under a lot of water in spots... like 3+ feet! Amazing! Thankfully, even though we get a lot of water in our old basement, we anticipate where the water will come in and it doesn't damage anything. It's just a mess~ part of living in an old, old farmhouse. I like to joke that the story of our life in this old farmhouse is "A River Ran through it." Remember that movie? Actually I don't even remember the story line accurately, but the title seems appropriate for our life here. If the basement or roof isn't leaking, the septic is backing up into the basement! Ah well, it keeps me dependent on the Lord and grateful for all of my children who so willingly help muck up the mess.

Happily paddling upstream here in Missouri,


  1. So so so pretty Susan! Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous pictures. I am thoroughly enjoying these posts. What a great amount of sightseeing you crammed into you relatively short trip!!

    Have a fabulous visit with your Nate!

    With Love,

  2. Breathtaking! My parents got to go 2 years back. They loved it. What a dream. Sorry about your humble home condition. Water can be lovely, or destructive. I grew up on a lake which flooded all our homes in that neighborhood. We kids had to daily sandbag! Dry is good!

  3. I love all the new words you are sharing..."jacket potatoes"....."diversion" so proper :-)

    Yes we are flooded as well. We finally have hot water after too many days of not having it. But like you said, it makes me more dependent upon the Lord.

    Loving all the pictures/posts on your vacation!


  4. Aah, another wonderfully enjoyable tour that you've taken us on! :)

    When I saw we were going to Bath today I immediately thought of Jane Austen and "Persuasion" which I recently watched. :)

    I'm jumping ahead here, but I just have to ask...Did you get to visit Lyme Park, the site that was used as Pemberly, Mr. Darcy's home in the 1995 BBC version of Pride & Prejudice? (just watched that one last week)

    In the picture of "The Circus", what is that red cylindrical thing in the foreground? Mailbox?

    Sorry that you are having some water issues with all the rain. We had our share of flooding in the Spring. Not nice!

    Enjoy your time with Nate as I'm sure it will pass all too quickly.


  5. Susan,
    I'm so enjoying your tour of England. The differences are amazing to see. Love the bridges, flowers, churches, window etc.. I could go on and on. Thanks for taking the time to share your photos ~ I know it is time comsuming! :)

    Enjoy Nate while he is there!

  6. It looks just like the movies! :)

  7. susan i am so glad you and hannah got to come to Bath - we live just a short bit from Bath and it is our regular shops.
    we pass the Jane Austin museum going into town.
    i really loved reading your view on the place and it has opened my eyes to the beauty of a place that we dont really see but use all the time.

  8. ~Camille, thanks so much... we have had a fabulous week with Nate! He leaves later this afternoon... I think we'll all be a little sad to have him go again.

    ~Pam~ you are right... dry is best, for sure. At least nothing was damaged here. Many people didn't fare so well around here.

    ~Cinnamon...hope you all are drying out finally up there. we didn't get to visit Lyme Park~ that would have been pretty cool. Who knows... perhaps I'll get to go again someday!

    ~Kathy....and I'm enjoying your Italy posts! Love the vicarious traveling!

    ~Noel... it does, doesn't it?

    ~jacquisj... *so* cool that you actually live near Bath! Wow! Of course it must be "everyday" to you, but as for me, I am "smitten"!


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