Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Europe Trip, part 2

How about some more photos from our trip to Europe? You can read part one here.

On today's post, our trip to the Kew Gardens in London..... 300 acres of floral delight.

First though, another sign that amused my American Midwest mind. I loved the way it this one was worded. I found myself wondering what the American version of that sign would be. Too funny!

On the way to the subway that morning, we walked past a lovely farmer's market. I wish I would have taken more photos there... not only were there breads, flowers, cheeses, veggies and fruits, but also fresh meats! Something I don't think I have ever seen at a farmer's market here in the US.

Our travel plan to get to the Kew Gardens: a subway from our apartment and then a boat on the Thames River!

What a delightful way to travel. Especially the day we went... it was quite warm! I anticipated a good chance of rain in London, but we didn't see any rain the whole time we were there and instead I ended up getting a little sunburnt! We never thought to pack sunscreen for our trip to London!

The bridges were fabulous and the countryside so pastoral, once we left the city.

And now I won't bore you with commentary on the Kew Gardens... I'll just show you some of the loveliness that we enjoyed. Well, perhaps I'll insert a few comments, but I'll try not to add too much!

Loved the use of the word "whilst" on this sign... so beautifully British!

On the grounds of the Kew Gardens is the oldest and largest Victorian glass house in existence. I found myself totally enchanted by this structure.

It was a little too hot the day we visited to enjoy being inside for very long, but I loved the ornate detail. Fabulous!

If I were a swan, I'd definitely be hanging out at the Kew Gardens!

Rejoicing in His beauty... found in so many places!


  1. Susan - I usually just follow your blog in silence but wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your trip abroad. It looks like you and Hannah (I hope I spelled that right) are having a wonderful time. Amy :)

  2. Hi Amy! So nice to "meet" you here! Thanks for reading along and for your sweet comments too!


  3. Such a beautiful trip! :) I loved hearing about it and all the photos! (the first picture made me laugh!)
    Thank you for taking us along with you!

  4. Gorgeous photos Susan! I love the picture of the two of you...beautiful. What a precious time spent a wonderful place. Such fun memories you will have to share in years to come. :)

    With Love,

  5. Wow! What fun to see all the beautiful places you went. Thank you for sharing. The flowers are wonderful. Hope you are getting back into the swing of things. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to go.
    Would love to see more!


  6. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the one of Mama and Daughter. Very sweet~

    I like all the quirky differences in our words too. So funny that they talk like that all the time. Of course to them we talk funny :-)


  7. Your photo's of Kew are fantastic!! I visited there a couple of years ago when my sister was living close by in Isleworth! but my photos were nowhere near as fab as yours. I hope you had as good a day there as I did though - it certainly looks like you did! Sunshine too! Can't be bad!

  8. ~Katy... thanks I'm so glad to share these photos. It makes me happy to remember what we did and also happy that you are enjoying the "virtual trip" too!

    ~Camille, Thanks... we *did* make some memories that we will look back on for many years.

    ~Susan, We are gradually getting back into the swing of things here... I'll be adding more school to our schedule, etc. We've enjoyed the break.

    ~Cinnamon, yep. For some reason I don't envision the Brits longingly imitating my Midwest "accent!"

    ~Debbie, So cool that you visited and enjoyed the Kew as well! I loved how much the British delighted in the gardens there. The weather was fabulous and almost every inch of grass was being used for picnicking and family games. Such fun! I really don't think we enjoy our parks as much here in the US.

  9. we really love kew gardens as a family and i am so glad you managed to fit it into your schedule. Funny i never think about the way we speak here in England but yes somethings we say are very weird! thanks for sharing your photos of your trip - it has made me realise just how much history our country has - our church is 900years old and i dont sit ever and appreciate its history or beauty!! i need to start looking around me more.


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