Monday, August 9, 2010

Project Life 7/9/2010- 8/5/2010


ne thing I've been working on here is my "Project Life" album. I have *really* enjoyed the results of this. My goal is to document our life this year, a photo a day. I don't always get a picture taken each day, and I'm totally ok with that. I don't want the album to be a burden, so if I can't or don't take a photo, I usually put another photo in that spot, or a receipt, note from one of the children, or even some journaling. The pages have a pocket for 7 4"x6" photos, and smaller pockets across the middle of each page for journaling related to each chosen photo.

I'm posting *lots* of photos today.... you can, of course, skim or skip if it's too much. Posting them here helps me organize my thoughts and keep caught up on this project.

::Friday, 7/9/2010
Jake and Gabe painting the rails on our lovely old farmhouse porch. Old houses not only *have* a lot of character, they also *create* character as you maintain them!

::Saturday 7/10/2010
Getting ready for a family bike ride. It's quite an undertaking here... just being sure that a dozen bikes are all in working order would keep a bike mechanic employed full time.

::Sunday 7/11/2010
We had a tremendous thunderstorm here this morning, later confirmed to be a "microburst." Trees were down everywhere. Thankfully the only damage at our house was a large tree that fell and knocked down a portion of our privacy fence.

::Monday 7/12/2010
The storm yesterday gave our hard working older boys *lots* of work to do. Some of the work was for us plus they had many opportunities to help other families too. I love it that our boys find such delight in helping others (some of the jobs were done for free.)

::Tuesday 7/13/2010
Playing with light and shadows here. Great Dane puppy Dude and I standing in light reflected through the glass storm door. The real "story" for today didn't have a photo, but I'll never forget it. You can read about our scary incident here. That story will go in a journaling pocket on the page, or I might make a larger 8 1/2" x 11" page from my blog post and include that in my Project Life album.

::Wednesday 7/14/2010
A very generous neighbor gave me several boxes of homeschooling books that they wouldn't be using this school year. I captured Timmy checking them out.

::Thursday 7/15/2010
My thankfulness journal~ totally changes my perspective on life.

::Friday 7/16/2010
A beautiful thunderhead. The storm stayed south of us, we were able to enjoy the clouds though.

::Saturday 7/17/2010
I *love* having older boys who can help with things like cutting up chickens! Not only can Gabe cut up the chickens, but he mans a mean BBQ too! Yummy!

::Sunday 7/18/2010
See what happens when I go out with my mom and leave my camera at home? Silly boys!

::Monday 7/19/2010
I'm not sure who captured this, but I love it. Hannah in her pretty skirt, swishing by on her way to do something around the house.

::Tuesday 7/20/2010
Wow! What a storm we had this morning! I don't know if I have ever seen it rain so hard. The photo doesn't really capture the intensity of this storm. Incredible!

::Wednesday 7/21/2010
Can you believe how big our Great Dane puppy Dude is? He is 10 months old now~ lots of growing yet to do. (Dude's father weighs 220lbs.!) As you can tell he still considers himself a lap dog!

::Thursday 7/22/2010
Gabe and Caleb adding compost to our vegetable gardens. What a hot job that was~ but the plants are so happy that the boys added the extra nutrients.

::Friday 7/23/2010
I snuck (is "snuck" a word?) out the ol' zoom lens to capture Josiah and Josh talking on a summer afternoon, way up the hill. Sneaky, huh?

::Saturday 7/24/2010
Tom, Jake, Gabe and Caleb ran in their first 5K! We had so much fun cheering for them.

::Sunday 7/25/2010
No photo today... so a summer zinnia will fill this spot.

::Monday 7/26/2010
The last night of my triathlon class. I learned so much... open water swimming, how to change a bike tire, and much, much more. No triathlons this year (femoral neck stress fracture), but I'm already looking forward to next year.

::Tuesday 7/27/2010
Love this photo of Hannah helping Timmy cook. He *loves* to help crack eggs, etc., and I *love* watching my children invest in each others' lives.

::Wednesday 7/28/2010
No photo again today... I haven't taken as many photos since I've been on crutches, so I'm including this daylilly photo in today's slot.

::Thursday 7/29/2010
Again, no photo, so included this photo of peaches ripening up the hill in our little orchard.

::Friday 7/30/2010
Black-Eyed Susan growing in our front garden.

::Saturday 7/31/2010
The boys love bringing me nature finds. This one was multi-purpose. They have had a lot of fun lately using acorns as ammo for their slingshots.

::Sunday 8/1/2010
Tim and Dan playing with Playmobile together.

::Monday 8/2/2010
Aaaahhh..... summer!

::Tuesday 7/3/2010
The goldfinches love the echinacea growing my herb garden..... and I love watching them!

::Wednesday 8/4/2010
Our good friends, the Dickersons are moving. I was so glad that they could come over one last time before heading out East.

::Thursday 8/5/2010
Timmy has discovered puzzles. I loved the light and reflection on the hardwood floor, plus the intensity of Tim's play.

That's about it! Thanks for sticking with my on that *long* post!

Linking up with Jessica over at the Mom Creative. Be sure to check out her Project Life post today for details on some free brushes to add the days of the week to your photos! Cool!


  1. I love, love, love it all!! :)
    You have a beautiful family, home and life. I love for you to share it with us. Thank you! :)

  2. Great shots. The flowers were gorgeous.

    Have a blessed week♥

  3. I love these post it's like a glimpse into a small window of your family. Simplicity in life is wonderful, and I see much of that in your family. Praying your healing is going well.

  4. I love the photos! Thanks for letting us have a peek! :)

  5. ~Katy, Thanks for the kind comments!

    ~Susan, thanks! I appreciate you stopping by.

    ~Laura, thanks so much for the encouraging words and for the prayers too! My hip is gradually improving.

    ~Natural Mama, Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and encourage me!


  6. Oh Susan...I *love* these "project life" posts! SOOO much here! AND all the photos tell such wonderful stories! Oh dear me...that TREE!! I think it's wonderful to see your boys all working together as they did to clean up not only for you, but for the neighbours...what a blessing! Oh your "lap dog" Dude is times! :) I think your home is decorated so beautifully...I enjoy seeing the inside. The children interacting with one another is such a beautiful precious that you have captured some of those moments.

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
    In His Love,

  7. I have missed your blog so much. Your pictures are always so good and full of warmth. I loved all these photos. I just posted my daughter's wedding photos if youd like to look. My computer has been broken now for 9 days and it's driving me crazy, so I'm at the library using theirs. It was so nice to see your family again, they are so sweet. Hope to keep seeing you.

  8. ~Camille, thanks, friend... hope you have a fabulous weekend with your sweet family as well!

    ~Dawn, well hello there! So sweet of you to take time to read and comment... I *loved* your daughter's wedding pics! Her dress was absolutely beautiful. Your photographer really took some nice pictures! Tell her congratulations from me!


  9. Thank you! You inspire me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It is a glorious testimony of Him!

  10. ~susan, you encourage *me*! How's that sweet baby?

    ~the "other" susan


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