Thursday, September 30, 2010

Around here...

Happily busy here...

A little riding....

A little cuteness...

New chickies to cuddle....

Goofy photo shoots with oldest son Nate, who was home for the weekend...

Some end-of-the-season autumn flowers....

a little swinging and laughter....

The group hug before Nate left to drive back to Ft. Benning....  (man do I *miss* having him around!)
Once Nate left, it was back to work...

A little boy who loves to "read" books now...

Oh look!  It's Henny Penny!

I went outside to take photos of the children, but couldn't resist Henny.  Don't you love her fluffy plumage?

She looks stern, but actually she's an old softie~ such a sweet girl.

Miss Penny is one of our laying hens.  They are so busy right now.  I'm getting 24-30 eggs/day.  So yummy!

Tired of the photo shoot and moving on to other things....

Gotta love those end of the season roses too... is tomorrow really October 1st?  Really?

A quick picture snapped before my bike ride with some friends this evening.   

So there you have it... a quick re-cap of events the past week and a half here.  What's been going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. Great post Susan! We have been slowly getting things ready around the farm for winter. The first year we were here old man winter caught us off guard with a vengeance. I always prepare early now!

  2. Dear Mrs. Susan,
    Awe! What fun you must of had with him being home! My sister Anna, really likes your skirt in the picture of you & Nate,did you make it? Summer has really gone by FAST!Yes, Henny's feathers look very soft and cuddly! Well I am still praying for your leg! Is it doing better? God bless you!
    Maggie xo

  3. Beautiful photos! :)

    I especially love the big group hug picture! That would be a *great* one to have developed and frame! Sooo sweet! :)

  4. You're out bike riding? Wow that must feel wonderful!! I keep thinking I'll start doing something other than putter around the house but I've yet to even walk up town to the local library. Seems I'm quite content snuggling up inside :-)

    I love all the pictures. Your boys are adorable with their wavy hair and sweet smiles~ Love the one with you and Nate~

    Glad you are up and around~ Cinnamon

  5. Looks like you are all having a wonderful start to autumn, and making some great family memories. Congratulations to being able to ride your bike again, I hope your healing process continues to do so well.

    I noticed in the picture of your sweet boys at the table working, that you have a "large" table. It's just what we have been searching for, where did you get it? If you don't mind me asking?

  6. ~Cheech, Don't you love the "readying" time of the year? I love settling in for a cozy winter here!

    ~Hi there Maggie! Good to see you here! Tell Anna that I didn't make that skirt~ actually a tall friend gave it to me when she cleaned out her closet~ I love it!

    Thanks for asking about my hip. It is doing better, but it appears that I'll be having three screws put in it next Monday the 18th to speed up this (very long) healing process and enable me to get back to running, etc. Thanks for praying, I really appreciate it!

    ~Katy~ you are right... I think I will enlarge that group hug photo and hang it up. I've been trying to do a better job of getting some of my favorite photos up and on the walls so we can enjoy them every day. Good idea!

    ~Cinnamon~ thanks, friend! I can hardly wait to see you! Hopefully we can get our kiddos together soon... I just know that they'll enjoy each other!

    ~Laura, We purchased our table several years ago (actually my very sweet parents purchased it for us!) from Country Crafted Furniture... now called Simply Amish. I don't know if they still make the same table or not. It has been fabulous though. In the photo above it doesn't have nearly all of the leaves that I can put in it... I think I have five more downstairs that we use when all of the older children are home or when larger groups are over. Hope that helps!


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