Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lean on me....

Several of you have asked recently how my hip is healing.  So kind of you!

 Great Dane puppy Dude sitting on our Great Pyreneese Lance... that concrete's awful cold, don't 'cha know....

Still on crutches and not much better, it seems.  From what I have read, femoral neck stress fractures (a stress fracture in the upper part of the femur~ the "neck" where it is narrow just before the "ball" part of the hip joint)  can be notoriously slow to heal.  Of course the fact that I get impatient and ditch the crutches every week or so probably isn't helping.  : )

Isn't Lance patient and accommodating?

I"m going back in to see my orthopedic doctor this Thursday, so I should have some additional info then.  Looks like my options right now are crutches for at least 3 more weeks, or surgery to "pin" the femur. 

I'm fine though... using the extra sitting down time to get some things learned on my new iMac (love iPhoto~ so cool for photo organization, and Bridge for organizing digital scrapbooking stuff).  Plus we're thick into school this year~ nine currently "officially" in school.  So I'm far from bored... just super-antsy from all this inactive sitting and "crutching around."

Thanks again for your concern and prayers, I really do appreciate it!

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  1. Dear Susan ~

    So sorry you are still waiting to heal...it is such a long process! BUT in all these things the LORD does HIS perfect work in us. How wonderful that thought!

    Your dogs are HILARIOUS!!!



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