Monday, September 6, 2010

The power in learning to see...

If you have a minute, please watch this little documentary~ an amazing story of how a simple camera transformed the lives of some of Guatemala's poorest dump residents. My camera has wrought transformation in my life too (although certainly not as dramatic!) as I have learned to see and look for the everyday beauty around me. There is certainly an element of desiring to create a life that I want to see through my lens.  And I don't mean creating a magazine-worthy life, I mean capturing relationships, and learning to synthesize what the Lord is teaching me as we live this fabulous, ordinary life.  Striving to be all that He calls me to be. What a concept!


  1. Such a wonderful thought Susan...that the camera can have such an impact on how we learn to see. I have witnessed it in my home as's a *new* way to view life, isn't it? Might it make us more thankful!

    How are you doing?? Are you all done with those crutches and all better??

    With Love,

  2. I tried to view the little documentary, but it wasn't working :( So I'll see if I can catch it later. I have friends from my old church in Eugene, OR that go on missions trips to Guatemala at least once a year. They take medical teams and teach them basic medical care skills that they can administer themselves...mostly in smaller villages in the mountainous areas, because there is no doctor nearby. Oh, they also trained some of the women of the villages to be midwives...again because there are no doctors or hospitals nearby. So it's really neat to see their efforts really benefitting the people in a practical way.

    I really loved what you wrote on this post. I'll never look at my camera the same way again. It's always interesting to see the things that catches different peoples eyes...each one special!!!

    Oh, I think I have an obsession with farmhouse sinks...because every time I come to your blog, I see that farmhouse kitchen sink posted on the right sidebar :) :) :) I LOVE it!!! I have some definite ideas about how I want my home to look like, when that day comes. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Susan, what a documentary! I watched it with that same sadness I had when watching all about Haiti. Praise God for one woman doing something, starting, caring, going~

    Such an encouragement that we can make a difference~



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