Thursday, September 9, 2010


Life is full of amazing transformations, isn't it?
So glad He isn't finished with me yet....


  1. Oh my goodness. How absolutely amazing that you found, waited, captured this; and that God thought of it. Awesome!

  2. Wow! Amazing photo's! YOu are always such an inspiration!

  3. How did your Dr's appt go? Praying you are healing and will be able to be up and around more.....soon~


  4. The photos are lovely and so CLEAR..that's great detail!!! Oh, I wanted to ask how you get such large photos on your blog? I might want to try that on my blog too!!! I've debated about going to a three-column blog, but I'm not sure yet...In any case, thanks for sharing these really nice photos. Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. What a gorgeous post! A picture really does speak a thousand words! No need for more! Thank you for sharing Susan...and so thankful that HE is not done with me yet, either. :)


  6. Beautiful pictures!

    I like to think of life as having seasons. Some easier than others, but all full of blessing if we look for them. :0)

    ~Karen in Ohio


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